I-Team: Law Enforcement Concerned About All Cash Home PurchasesThe federal government is now taking a closer look at some cash-only transactions, fearing they could be masking criminal activities.
Davis: San Bernardino Shooters May Have Been Planning To Return To Scene Of AttackWBZ-TV Security Analyst Ed Davis says one possibility is that the couple that carried out the rampage may have been planning to return to the scene.
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Son Of Boston Police Capt. Charged With Plotting ISIS-Inspired Attacks On College CampusA Massachusetts man is facing charges “in connection with a plot to engage in terrorism” on behalf of ISIS, prosecutors said Monday.
State To Tighten Security Ahead Of July 4 CelebrationsFederal Homeland Security authorities are increasingly calling for vigilance, some suggesting the terror threat is higher now than at any point since the September 11th attack.
Davis: Police Not Trained To Shoot Suspect In Arm Or LegWBZ-TV Security Analyst Ed Davis says officers are trained to shoot for center mass.
Ed Davis Named To National Gambling BoardFormer Boston Police Commissioner and current WBZ-TV Security Analyst Edward Davis is among the new appointments to the American Gaming Association's national advisory board on illegal gambling.
Man With Knife Shot, Killed By State Police Trooper In BostonA man brandishing a knife was shot and killed by a State Police trooper in Boston.
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Jury To Soon Begin Deliberating Tsarnaev's FateWBZ Security Analyst Ed Davis does not think prison conditions will sway the jury.
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