'Very Delicate Balance': Ed Davis On Boston Riots, Military PresenceEd Davis says preparation is key, starting with intelligence gathering before the protests start.
Ed Davis Expects 'Significant Change' In Boston Policing For George Floyd ProtestsThe former Boston Police Commissioner said the response from law enforcement will last for days.
Ed Davis Joins Michael Bloomberg's Campaign For PresidentFormer Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis has joined Michael Bloomberg's campaign for president.
David Ortiz Hires Former BPD Commissioner Ed Davis To Investigate His ShootingDavid Ortiz has hired former Boston Police Commissioner and WBZ-TV security analyst Ed Davis to investigate the shooting that nearly killed him earlier this summer.
Man Charged With Randomly Stabbing Woman On Esplanade Declared 'Acutely Psychotic'Luis Olivo, the man suspected of randomly stabbing a woman who was jogging on the Esplanade Friday, was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation.
Davis: New Zealand Mosque Shootings Are 'Worst-Case Scenario'Former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis believes the attacks on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand were thoroughly planned out.
Growing Concerns About Nightclub Security In Wake Of California ShootingIt’s a question the manager of the Middle East nightclub in Cambridge immediately thought of as he learned of the deadly shooting at a California bar, “Could it happen here?”
Whitey Bulger Killed: 'Informants Don't Do Well In Prison'The prison killing of former Boston mob boss James “Whitey” Bulger is an unsurprising turn of events, according to WBZ's security analyst.
Ed Davis: Bomb Maker Likely Left Behind CluesThe manhunt is on for a serial bomb maker who mailed explosive devices across the country.
GPS Darts, Drones, Powerful Grid Of Cameras Helping Police Prevent & Crack CrimesSince the September 11th attacks, police have been assessing terror threat levels and gathering intelligence from thousands of sources.
How Investigating Bombings And Threats Has Evolved Since The 1950’sSchool shootings, terrorist bombings, cyber-attacks. Our security and ways to prevent these attacks has become an almost daily conversation. And while many assume this is a 21st century problem, people as far back as the 50’s knew what it was like to have an ordinary day turn violent.