The State Of The EconomyLast year at this time I thought the stock market would have a good year.
Massachusetts Jobless Rate Could Top National Rate For First Time Since 2007It's been more than six years since the monthly unemployment rate in Massachusetts has been higher than the U.S. average as a whole.
Daily Talker: Should People On Food Stamps Be Required To Work For Benefits?Federal lawmakers are discussing legislation that would chop $40 billion dollars from the food stamp program over the next 10 years. The GOP wants to give states the power to make people work for benefits. Should the government require people to work for food stamps?
Is Wakefield's Main Street Better 5 Years After Economic Collapse?Half a decade later, the president called the nation's financial system "safer" and heading in the right direction.
Daily Talker: Is It Too Early For Kmart's Christmas Commerical?With more than 100 days until Christmas, Kmart launched its first ad for the holidays promoting its layaway program. Is it too early for a Christmas commercial?
Daily Talker: What's Your Biggest Expense When It Comes To Your Children?The Department of Agriculture finds raising a child will cost you $250,000 before they turn 18. What's your biggest expense when it comes to your children?
Daily Talker: Do The Impossible Odds Of Winning Powerball Prevent You From Playing?The Powerball jackpot has soared to $425 million. The odds of winning are 1 in 175,200,000. Do the impossible odds of winning the big prize keep you from playing?
Daily Talker: Is John Henry The Right Person To Lead The Globe?Red Sox owner John Henry is the new owner of the Boston Globe paying $70 million in cash. Henry says he will not influence coverage of the Sox. Did the NYT sell to the right person?
Daily Talker: What's Your Ideal Work Schedule?A New York Times/CBS News poll finds if money was no object - just 25 percent of women with children 18 or younger would want to work full time. What's your ideal work schedule?
Daily Talker: Americans Hate Their Jobs - Do You?Unhappy at work? You're in good company. A new Gallup poll finds 70% of Americans hate their jobs. Tell us about your job. Love it? Hate it?
Behind The Mic With Joe Mathieu: Paycheck To PaycheckIt’s a story worth telling since we hear so much about an economic recovery.
Massachusetts Jobless Rate Drops Slightly To 6.4 PercentThe unemployment rate in Massachusetts dropped to 6.4 percent in March even as the state lost 5,500 jobs during the month.
Is The Economy Really That Bad Here? Hey, life is tough. Get a helmet.
RI-Based Hasbro To Cut 10 Percent Of Its Workforce Pawtucket, R.I.-based Hasbro plans to cut about 10 percent of its workforce and consolidate facilities to reduce expenses.
Predictions For 20132012 is over. Time seems to slip through my fingers like sand.