Losing Weight And Keeping It Off May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk, Study SaysA new study shows if women lose weight and keep it off, they can reduce the risk of breast cancer.
Women Now Outnumber Men At U.S. Medical Schools For First Time EverFor the first time in history, there are more women in medical school in the U.S. than men.
Study Finds Brain Circuitry Linked To OvereatingDo you ever have a hard time resisting temptation, like pizza or chocolate cake? A new study finds you may just be wired that way.
Scientists Develop Frostbite Treatment Spray For EmergenciesMany people are hitting the slopes this time of year, and one common concern is frostbite. But researchers have developed a new spray that could help stop frostbite in its tracks.
Nurses' Lack Of Sleep Could Affect Patient Safety And Care, Study SaysNurses aren't getting enough sleep, which may impact patient care and safety, according to a new study by NYU.
Study Shows Even Light Drinking Can Increase Cancer RiskResearchers found drinking as little as one drink a day for 10 years was associated would increase overall cancer risk by five percent.
Broken Heart Syndrome Can Be Brought on By Stress, Study FindsResearchers find that not only can loss of a loved one break someone's heart, but extreme stress can also do it as well.
Mammograms May Help Identify Heart Disease, Researchers SayMammograms are routinely used to screen for breast cancer in women, but there's mounting evidence that they may also help identify women at risk for heart disease.
1 In 18 Students Attends High School Armed With Gun, Report SaysAccording to a new report published in the journal Pediatrics, 1 in 18 kids goes to high school armed with a gun.
Depression In Teenagers: Warning Signs Parents Should Watch ForMany parents struggle to distinguish depression from normal ups and downs.
Study: Brushing Your Teeth Regularly May Help Protect Your HeartBrushing your teeth won't just freshen your breath, but it may also help protect your heart.
Binge Drinking Among Women Is On The Rise, Study SaysAccording to a study from Columbia University, binge drinking is on the rise among almost all adults.
UMass Medical School Works To Ease Challenge Of Duchenne Muscular DystrophyCaring for a child with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy can be challenging, but a local family's philanthropy and UMass Medical School are trying to make it easier for patients and their families.
Tufts Medical Center Offers Unique Procedure To Combat Abnormal Heart RhythmA local medical center is using a new procedure to help patients with an abnormal heart rhythm.
Water Trapped In Your Ears? Don't Shake Your Head To Get It Out, Researchers SayThey found that the amount of acceleration needed to eject the water was high enough to potentially cause serious brain damage.