American Life Expectancy Increased For First Time In 4 Years, CDC SaysIn 2018, life expectancy increased for the first time in four years, according to the Centers of Disease Control.
Wearing A Mouth Guard Could Protect Against ConcussionsConcussion is the most common injury in youth ice hockey but a new study finds wearing a simple device could reduce a child's risk.
Praise, Not Punishment May Help Kids Behave Better In SchoolAccording to a new study, praise may be a more effective way to get kids to behave in school.
Coronavirus Vaccine Could Take Up To A Year To DevelopWBZ TV's Paula Ebben talks to Dr. Mallika Marshall about the possibility of a coronavirus vaccine.
Harvard Researchers Create 'Body-On-Chips' That May Allow Safer Drug TestingResearchers at Harvard’s Wyss Institute have created a way to see how the drugs will affect the human body without testing it on people.
Study Shows 'Water Pill' May Help Reduce Some Autism Symptoms In Young KidsA drug used to treat heart failure for decades may improve behavioral symptoms in some young children with autism.
Why Coronavirus Is DangerousDr. Mallika Marshall says there are other coronaviruses, but this one is dangerous because it is new.
Kids Visiting Pediatricians Less Often, Study FindsFewer visits mean fewer opportunities for providers to talk to families about vaccinations and good nutrition.
MIT Scientists Create More Convenient Ingestible Medical DevicesMIT scientists are on the verge of making some gastrointestinal treatments more convenient and safer for patients to digest.
Boston Researchers Say Marijuana May Harm Your HeartLocal doctors are sounding the alarm about the potential harms marijuana could have on the heart.
Study Finds Tea Drinking May Reduce Depression In SeniorsA new study finds that older adults who drink tea are less likely to be depressed.
Hudson Elementary School Fighting Flu OutbreakMulready Elementary School has had dozens of absences in the past few days with all signs pointing to the flu.
MGH Researchers Behind 'CoolSculpting' Invent New Way To Get Rid Of FatLocal researchers have an invented a new way to dissolve unwanted fat without the hassle of other treatments currently available.
Researchers Find Salt Could Be Used To Treat CancerThere may be a new weapon to attack cancer cells with less harm to the patient, and it you can probably find it right on your kitchen table. It’s salt, which is also called sodium chloride.
What Is Alopecia? Dr. Mallika Marshall Explains The Hair Loss ConditionRep. Ayanna Pressley revealed Thursday that she's been battling alopecia.