Brady, Gronk Still Hot Names For Dogs In BostonBoston dog owners still have love for Patriots players Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, a new report shows.
'List May Grow': FDA Issues Alert On Dog Food Recalled Over Vitamin D LevelsThe FDA is warning pet owners that there could be more recalls of dog foods with potentially deadly levels of Vitamin D.
Women Sleep Better With Dogs By Their Side Instead Of Human Partners, Study ShowsDogs aren't just man's best friend.
Dogs That Escaped California Wildfires Up For Adoption In MassachusettsNortheast Animal Shelter says they’ve now taken in a total of 11 dogs.
Veterinarians Warn Dog Owners Of Leptospirosis Outbreak In BostonThe bacteria is potentially life-threatening and can be transmitted to humans.
FDA Warns Pet Owners About Flea, Tick Meds Linked To SeizuresThe FDA is warning pet owners that some flea and tick drugs have been associated with seizures in dogs and cats.
Boston Police Help Give Abandoned Dog A MakeoverA dog in distress on a hot summer day got a much-needed makeover thanks to the Boston police officers and a local business.
New Brain Cancer Treatment For Dogs Could Someday Help HumansResearchers at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech are enrolling dogs with glioblastoma into a clinical trial to test the experimental drug.
Dog's Lick Causes Blood Infection, Man Has Limbs AmputatedThe dog lover contracted Capnocytophaga canimorsus, a bacteria found in dog saliva that can cause sepsis.
Bill Would Let Some Cats, Dogs Used In Testing Be AdoptedCats and dogs used by research institutions and product testing facilities could be spared under a bill the Mass. Senate has passed.
Dogs Rush To Help When Owners Cry, Study SuggestsEver notice your dog approach you when you cry? Or see how Fido might walk up to a stranger in tears?
Dog-Friendly Festival 'Woofstock' Held In BostonSeveral local dogs took part in Saturday's "Woofstock" in Boston.
Survey: Most Adults Would Dump Partner Who Doesn't Like Their DogLove is no match for man's best friend, according to a new survey which claims that an overwhelming number of adults would dump their partner if they didn't like their dog.
Unleashed Dog Attacks, Kills Smaller Dog In Framingham ParkA black lab mix attacked and killed a Shih Tzu at the only off-leash dog park in Framingham. People worry that the park could make them put their dogs back on leashes.
Bag It Up: Dog Poop A Major Environmental Pollutant, Reports FindWhile many areas in the U.S. try to crack down on the littering aspect of not cleaning up after your dog, studies are also finding that dog poop is becoming a major environmental hazard too.