Study: College Students Can Improve Depression Symptoms By Eating HealthyMany college students experience symptoms of depression, but a new Australian study found that simply changing what they eat could make a difference.
FDA Approves Ketamine-Like Nasal Spray For DepressionSpravato is a nasal spray administered by an approved health care provider in a doctor's office or a medical clinic.
Pregnant Women More Prone To Depression Today Than Years AgoAccording to a new study in "JAMA Network Open", expectant moms today are more likely to be depressed than their mothers were 25 years ago.
Over 200 Common Drugs May Cause Depression, Report WarnsHealth professionals are issuing a disturbing warning about common medications after finding that hundreds of drugs are putting people at risk of developing depression.
Major Depression Diagnoses Up 33 Percent In Recent YearsThe jump was even more serious among children and young adults, with depression diagnoses rising by 47 percent in millennials and 63 percent in adolescents.
DASH Diet Could Help Prevent DepressionOne way to prevent depression could be with a healthier diet.
Annual Depression Screening Recommended For Children 12 And OlderAs many as 1 in 5 teenagers suffers from depression but only about half of them are diagnosed before adulthood.
HealthWatch: High Salt Diets Weaken Heart; Yoga To Treat DepressionDr. Mallika Marshall discusses research on high salt diets and how yoga can compliment treatment for depression.
Researchers Find Genes That May Be Linked To DepressionFor the first time, researchers, including those at Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital, found a treasure trove of genes that seem to be linked to depression.
Antidepressants For Kids Ineffective, Potentially Harmful, Study FindsA new analysis published in the journal Lancet finds that most of these drugs are not only ineffective in kids but some may actually be unsafe.
Are Hormones Or Genes To Blame For Peripartum Depression?Local researchers are trying to figure out how a woman's DNA affects her risk.