Study Says Virtual Reality Can Improve Quality Of Life For Dementia PatientsA new study from the United Kingdom finds that virtual reality technology could be used to improve the quality of life for people with dementia.
Falling For Phone Scams Could Be Early Sign Of Dementia, Study SaysThose with little to no awareness of possible telephone fraud proved to be at higher risk for mild cognitive decline and, in some cases, Alzheimer's disease.
Higher Education May Not Protect People From DementiaGraduating from college may not protect you from dementia.
Lowering Blood Pressure Could Cut Risk Factor For DementiaIntensive lowering of blood pressure can have a measurable impact on mild cognitive impairment (MCI), a well-established precursor of dementia, a new study finds.
Just 6 Months Of Walking May Slow Cognitive Decline, Study FindsWorried about your aging brain? Getting your heart pumping with something as simple as walking just three times a week seems to improve thinking skills.
Health Links Between Gluten And Diabetes, Air Pollution And DementiaA new study has experts saying a high gluten diet may put offspring at higher risk for type 1 diabetes.
Vaccine Being Tested To Prevent Dementia In People With Down SyndromeBoston researchers are testing an experimental vaccine that may prevent Alzheimer’s disease in people with Down syndrome.
No Alcohol Use And Heavy Alcohol Use Linked To DementiaResearchers in Europe find that both teetotalers and heavy drinkers during middle age are at higher risk of dementia as they get older.
Elevated Blood Pressure Could Increase Your Risk Of DementiaEven if your blood pressure is just a little bit elevated, you may be at higher risk of dementia later in life.
Midlife Anxiety Could Raise The Risk Of DementiaDoes having anxiety actually put someone at higher risk of developing dementia? A new study says it is possible.
Seniors Should Avoid Common Class Of Drugs To Lower Risk Of DementiaResearch shows there is a link between drugs called anticholinergics and an increased risk of dementia.