Barnes & Noble Says PIN Pads In 63 Stores HackedBarnes & Noble Inc. said Tuesday that devices used by customers to swipe credit and debit cards have been tampered with in 63 of its stores in nine states, including Massachusetts.
Business Headlines: TripAdvisor Shares Sink; Lottery Debit CardsNewton-based travel site TripAdvisor has gone public, but investors didn't seem thrilled.
New Way To Buy Lottery Tickets In Massachusetts: Debit CardsEarly next month you'll finally be able to buy Massachusetts Lottery tickets with a debit card.
Big Banks Crying "Uncle" On Debit Card Dust-UpMajor banks are retreating from their earlier decision to impose fees for using your credit cards.
Citizens Bank Apologizes For Debit Card, ATM, Online Banking IssuesCitizens Bank customers were reporting problems with all sorts of electronic banking Friday.
New Debit Card Law Could Actually Hurt ConsumersEvery time a debit card is used to buy something, the retailer is charged a fee. It might be pennies on a cup of coffee, but it adds up to billions of dollars for the banks.
Four Massachusetts Stores Affected In Michaels Debit Card Breach Michaels says pin pads at checkout line terminals were tampered with at stores in 20 states, including its stores in Braintree, Burlington, Danvers, and Everett.
More Boston Parking Meters Accepting Credit, Debit CardsThe city has upgraded dozens of parking meters so they now take credit and debit cards.
Money Matters - Dumb Money Moves: Listeners Weigh InHere is a list that I complied from listeners’ suggestions...
Money Matters - Tough Money Conversations: Kids & MoneyDealing with the Terrible Twos is a piece of cake compared to dealing with your college freshman telling you she has maxed out on her credit card or your son asking you to co-sign a loan for a motorcycle.
How To Shop For A Big PayoffA couple of online banks are offering some great deals during the holidays.