Keller @ Large: Spring Forward, Fall Back, Chicken Out On Time Zone ChangeWe'll be going home in the dark next week because Beacon Hill didn't have to nerve to stick with Daylight Saving Time. Jon says they blew it.
Commission: Massachusetts Should Change Time Zones, But Not On Its OwnMassachusetts has taken a key step toward shifting time zones, but don’t expect a change anytime soon.
Ditching Daylight Saving? Commission Votes On Time Zone Change WednesdayA commission will vote Wednesday on whether or not Massachusetts will back out of daylight saving time and join the Atlantic time zone.
Maine House Votes To Change Time Zones If Mass. & NH Go FirstThe push by some New England states to change time zones and ditch the twice-yearly ritual of turning clocks back and forth has taken another step forward.
Massachusetts Commission To Explore Changing Time ZonesMassachusetts residents wouldn't have to reset their clocks during the darkest months of the year under an idea being studied on Beacon Hill.
Massachusetts Will Consider Moving Time Zones, Dropping Daylight Saving TimeA new commission will study the possibility of moving to the Atlantic time zone.
New England Lawmakers Propose Seceding From Time ZoneIt would have the same effect as making summertime daylight saving hours permanent.
Should Massachusetts Change Time Zones? Lawmakers Weigh BillThe proposal would be the equivalent of staying in Daylight Saving Time all year round.
Daylight Saving: A Good Time To Change Smoke DetectorsBoston Fire reminded residents to change their smoke-detector batteries when they move their clocks forward this weekend.
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