Daily Talker: New Safety Measures At FenwayMayor Marty Walsh will tour Fenway today to get a closer look at the new safety netting at the ballpark. Does it make you feel safer?
Daily Talker: No Phones In Traffic Or Stopped At A LightState and local police are cracking down on drivers who use their phone in traffic or stopped at a light. Did you know that was illegal? What if anything will deter drivers from using their phones behind the wheel?
Daily Talker: Patriots Fans Sue The NFL Over Deflate-GateA group of Patriots fans are suing the NFL and Roger Goodell over Deflate-Gate. What do you think of their lawsuit?
Daily Talker: New Slogan For Massachusetts?WBZ's Jon Keller put out a plea asking for your suggestions for a new tourism slogan for Massachusetts. Some of the suggestions will make you laugh while others may make you think twice.
Daily Talker: Women's Soccer Battle For Equal PayIt could be a game changer for women in sports. Five women from the World Cup winning US national team have filed a lawsuit accusing the US Soccer Federation of wage discrimination.
Daily Talker: Woman Calls 911 Over Pizza OrderA Connecticut woman called 911 when her pizza delivery order was wrong.
Daily Talker: New Way To Nap In BostonNew York is the city that never sleeps. Soon Boston could be the city that naps. Sleepbox is reportedly bringing sleeping pods to the city in the next few months.
Daily Talker: Lying Down On The JobAre you stuck sitting at a desk all day? Numerous studies have shown that can be bad for your health. A new invention could have you standing up or lying down at work. Would you try it?
Daily Talker: Do Jobs Run In The Family?Do children follow in their parents' footsteps and career paths? Data scientists at Facebook wanted to find out.
Daily Talker: Changing The School CalendarBoston public school students could see significant changes to their calendars soon. The superintendent is proposing an earlier start date and no February vacation.
Daily Talker: Tribal Custody BattleA 6-year-old girl was taken from the foster home she's lived in since she was two years old. Because of her Native American blood she will now be placed with relatives of her father.
Daily Talker: Bill To Criminalize Texting While WalkingLawmaker proposes bill to criminalize texting while walking. Violators could face a $50 fine and 15 days in jail.
Daily Talker: MLB Player's Son Sparks Debate Over Bringing Your Kids To WorkA Major League Baseball player is making headlines after walking away from a $13 million contract. He's doing it for his son. This move is sparking a debate about bringing your kids to work.
Daily Talker: No School For St. Patrick's Day?One lawmaker is pushing to make St. Patrick's Day an official school holiday.
Daily Talker: Town Looking For FamiliesOne Massachusetts town has a message for families: Move here! The picturesque Cape Ann town of Rockport has hired a PR firm to help bring young families to the area.