Brady Says He Takes More Preventative Measures Against Injuries ‘Than Probably Anybody In The World’Brady spoke at length about the "preventative measures" he takes against concussions and other injuries.
Brockton Pop Warner Football League Invests In More Protective HelmetsBrockton Junior Boxers' President Miguel Oliva said spent $23,000 on 196 new helmets that will better prevent concussions. 
Concussion Expert Says Letting Kids Play Football Should Be Considered Child AbuseThe doctor who discovered CTE believes that letting anyone under 18 years old play football should be considered child abuse.
Brady On Concussion History: 'I Really Don't Think That's Anybody's Business'When it comes to concussions, Tom Brady isn't here to talk about the past.
Hurley: By Ignoring Tom Brady's Concussion Situation, Roger Goodell's Intentions TransparentWhen it comes to a real issue, something that is actually damning for the NFL? Roger would like to get that out of the news as fast as possible.
New Helmet Technology Isn't A Cure-All For Football's Concussion IssuesAs exciting as some of the new technology is, it isn't a full solution to the problem facing the sport.
Tom Brady Concussion Story Leading To More NFL Stars Speaking OutGisele Bündchen just opened a can of worms that the NFL did not want to see.
Drew Brees: I Wouldn't Tell My Wife If I Felt Like I Had A ConcussionTom Brady ended up in the news when his wife said he suffers concussions every year. Quarterback Drew Brees said that would never happen to him.
Tom Brady 'Had A Concussion Last Year,' Says Wife Gisele BündchenIn an interview with CBS This Morning Wednesday, Gisele Bündchen described what it's like to be married to Tom Brady.
Are Tom Brady And Gisele Bundchen On Same Page With QB's Career Plan?Tom Brady says his wife is fully on board with this plan. But ... is she?
Bryan Stork, 26, Announces Retirement From Playing FootballJust 26 years old, Bryan Stork feels he's too young to call it a retirement.
BU Study Finds Connection Between Concussion And Alzheimer's DiseaseNew research from the Boston University School of Medicine suggests there may be more of a link between concussions and Alzheimer’s disease than previously thought.
Report: NFL Concussion Settlement Becomes Official After Supreme Court Rejects CaseThe Supreme Court's rejection makes the NFL's $1 billion settlement with ex-players official.
Colvin: Concussion Protocol With Tyrod Taylor Was 'A Joke'Colvin, who played in the NFL for 10 seasons, said he "definitely" played through "minor" concussions, dating from high school all the way through the pros.
Teens Playing With A Concussion Doubles Recovery Time, Study SaysContinuing to play despite a concussion doubles recovery time for teen athletes and leads to worse short-term mental function than in those immediately removed from action, a study found.