Football Program Uses Robots To Keep Young Players Safe During PracticeA youth football program is stepping up their game using new state of the art Mobile Virtual Players to help avoid concussions during practice.
Concussions Expert Says CTE Can't Be Fixed, Rob Gronkowski Replies 'I Fixed Mine'Retired New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is taking issue with what an expert on concussions said about CTE.
These Sports Are Most Likely To Send Kids To The ER With Brain InjuriesAlmost 2 million children and teens were seen in emergency rooms across the United States for traumatic brain injuries between 2010 and 2016.
Rick Nash Retires From NHL Due To 'Unresolved Issues/Symptoms' From ConcussionRick Nash is retiring from hockey, citing lingering symptoms of a concussion he sustained last season while a member of the Boston Bruins.
NFL Approves New Rule Changes For KickoffsThe league announced seven new rules for kickoffs for the upcoming 2018 season.
NFL Makes Significant Rule Change, Banning Players From Lowering Heads To Initiate ContactThe NFL made a change that almost certainly will have a much larger effect on the game than the catch rule.
Former Chiefs RB Larry Johnson Shares Frightening Details Of Brain TraumaLarry Johnson shared some details about his life that are nothing short of terrifying.
Brandon Meriweather On What It's Like To Play Football With A ConcussionMeriweather described to Toucher & Rich what it's like to play with concussions symptoms
BU Researchers May Be Able To Detect CTE In Living PatientsThe biggest hurdle in the study of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) has been the issue of it only being discoverable in the brain of a deceased patient. That may not be a problem for long.
Hurley: Aaron Hernandez Story Isn't As Simple As Many Want It To BeMaybe it's a function of the modern times, or maybe it's an inherent flaw in our existence as human beings, but there seems to be a rushed desire these days to boil every bit of news down to a single, easily-digestible sentence.
Belichick Shoots Down CTE Questions: 'I'm Not A Doctor'When asked about CTE, Belichick reminded reporters once again that he's just a football coach.