Heads Up: Know The Signs Of ConcussionWhat physical injury sends more people to the doctor in Massachusetts than anywhere else in the country? New data from insurance claims and elsewhere suggests a surprising answer -- concussion.
HealthWatch: Physical Activity Could Help Concussion RecoveryA new study says physical activity could help concussion recovery.
Celtics' Al Horford Out Next Two Games With ConcussionCeltics center/forward Al Horford was hit in the head at practice on Monday and has been placed in the NBA's concussion protocol program.
Soccer Star Brandi Chastain Pledges Brain For BU Concussion StudyBrandi Chastain, whose penalty kick gave the United States the 1999 Women's World Cup title, has pledged her brain for concussion research.
Local Company Uses Fiber To Prevent Sports InjuriesA South Shore company jumps to the head of the class in a government funded study on head health.
Blood Test Could Make Identifying Concussion A Lot EasierA local company has developed a blood test that could make identifying a concussion a lot easier.
In 'Concussion,' The Sport Of Football -- More Than The NFL -- May Have A ProblemIf seen by millions of Americans, the film "Concussion" will no doubt make a major impact on the sport of football as we know it.
Toucher & Rich: Impact Of 'Concussion' Movie Can't Be Overstated"You can't easily dismiss it, because it affects your kids. So this is something that is far-reaching. ... It doesn't just affect the guys playing at the NFL level; it affects your kids in high school, it affects kids in middle school, it affects youth programs that may no longer exist. It affects a lot."
'Concussion' Trailer Released, Looks Like Roger Goodell's Worst NightmareA federal judge questioning his league's behavior may not be the biggest problem facing the NFL commissioner on Monday.
Boston Study Shows How Serious Concussions Are For Young Football PlayersBoston researchers just found a connection between the age former NFL players were when they started playing and how they think later in life.
Report: Julian Edelman Battling ConcussionEdelman was listed as a limited participant in practice on Wednesday with both a concussion and a thigh injury.
Doctor Working On Pill To Heal ConcussionsA doctor at the University of Texas is working on a pill that repairs brain damage.
I-Team: Local Schools Using Subpar Football HelmetsThe I-Team found some local schools using helmets that at least one prominent research facility has deemed unacceptable.
Twellman On Toucher & Rich: After Latest Concussion, 'Welker Needs To Stop'Taylor Twellman has been very outspoken on the concussion issue and he had a strong message for Wes Welker Monday morning.
I-Team: Concussions On The Rise Among CyclistsNo one will argue you are safer riding with a helmet than without one, but as our cycling culture keeps growing, the I-Team found some troubling numbers.