Paying For College: 529 PlansA college degree could be worth well over a million dollars to your kiddo.
Paying For College: How Much Does It Cost?The college students have returned to Boston. Classes have started and in order to start those classes, money had to be paid. Lots of money!
NightSide - Annual NightSide College Admissions Panel
Money Regrets: Not Enough Saved For CollegeEarlier this month we discussed ways to save for college and I heard from listeners looking for ways to make up for lost time. They had not saved enough or anything in some cases.
Paying For College: Other Ways To Pay For CollegeIf your kid is in her senior year of high school and there is nothing set aside for her college education, it’s too late to do much more than stick whatever extra cash you can in a savings account.
New School Year Turns Lens On Campus Sexual AssaultsAt college campuses across the nation, a new semester raises old concerns.
Paying For College: Using US Savings BondsThe Education Bond Program was the first program available to offer any kind of a tax break for parents trying to save for college.
Paying For College: Esas: Coverdell Education Savings AccountsAn ESA is another savings program for educational expenses. These accounts can be set up for kids under 18 years of age and the annual contribution limit is $2,000 per child.
Paying For College: 529 PlansCollege is a good investment. Start stashing it away for college as early as you can, before you even potty train.
Paying For College: How Much Does It Cost?The annual return of college students has begun and money has already exchanged hands...much of it borrowed.
5 Most Scenic College Campuses Near BostonBoston is known to have some of the best colleges in the country when it comes to academics. However, some of these campuses are also some of the most beautiful, too.