Flush Carefully: Study Suggests Coronavirus Could Spread In Spray From ToiletHere's a good reason to put the lid down before you flush.
Harvard University Drops Standardized Test Requirements For Class Of 2025 ApplicantsHarvard joins most of the rest of the Ivy League in making SAT and ACT test scores optional this year amid the coronavirus.
Airlines Ban Alcohol On Flights In Response To PandemicMany airlines are limiting drink options to water only.
The Red Cross Will Test Your Blood Donation For Coronavirus AntibodiesThe American Red Cross will now test all blood, plasma and platelet donations for Covid-19 antibodies.
Do Masks Mask Our Emotions? Not Necessarily, Says One ExpertHow does wearing a mask shape how we interact or communicate with others?
Chocolate, Dairy And Fatty Foods Can Cause Acne, Study FindsConsumption of milk, sugary drinks, and fatty and sugary foods does appear to be associated with breakouts of acne,
AMC Plans To Reopen Its Theaters In JulyJust last week, AMC said there were "substantial doubts" about its ability to keep operating.
A Record Number Of Retail Stores Are Expected To Permanently Close This YearAs many as 25,000 retail stores in the United States are expected to permanently close this year.
Satellite Images Of Wuhan May Suggest Coronavirus Was Spreading As Early As AugustA Harvard Medical School study found a significantly higher number of cars in parking lots at five Wuhan hospitals in the late summer and fall of 2019.
LIST: JCPenney Is Closing 154 Stores This SummerJCPenney is permanently closing 154 stores across 20 states this summer as part of its bankruptcy plan.
Healthy People Shouldn't Take Daily Aspirin To Prevent Heart Disease, Review FindsStill taking a daily aspirin to ward off heart attacks? You might want to think again, according to a new review.
Ben & Jerry's Statement On George Floyd Protests: 'Dismantle White Supremacy'Let there be no doubt where Ben & Jerry's stands.
AMC Theatres Has 'Substantial Doubt' It Can Remain In BusinessThe world's biggest movie theater chain may not be able to stay in business because of the coronavirus pandemic.
'Genuine Evidence Of Improvement': Remdesivir Helped Some Coronavirus Patients In StudyExperts are not calling the drug a "game changer" quite yet.
Necco Wafers Are Making A Comeback This SummerNecco Wafers are about to make a sweet comeback after a two-year absence.