Having Kids Makes You Happier, Once They Move Out, Study SaysResearchers found that parents tend to be happier than non-parents in old age, but only if their kids have moved out.
New Study Raises Questions About How Fluoride Affects Children's DevelopmentA study found that increased levels of fluoride exposure during pregnancy were associated with declines in IQ in children.
768 Million Vacation Days Went Unused In U.S. Last YearWorkers in the United States left a record number of vacation days on the table last year, equating to billions in lost benefits.
Boston-Based General Electric Suffers Worst Stock Drop In 11 YearsGeneral Electric fought back Thursday night after the company was accused of fraud and its stock experienced its worst one-day percentage drop since April 2008.
Walmart Says It Supports 'Common Sense' Gun ControlEarlier this month, a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, was the scene of one of the worst mass shootings in American history.
Study: Eating More Gluten Early In Life Could Raise Child's Risk Of Celiac DiseaseBad news for lovers of bread, pasta and baked goods.
Vaping Linked To Marijuana Use In Young People, Study FindsThe findings, researchers say, support the theory that nicotine rewires the developing brain.
Elizabeth Warren Outlines Sweeping New Gun Control PlansSen. Elizabeth Warren has unveiled a comprehensive plan to reduce gun violence.
What Is 5G And Why Is It Expected To Be Such A Big Deal?5G, the fifth generation of cellular network technology, is so fast you can download a two-hour film in less than 10 seconds.
Walgreens To Close About 200 U.S. StoresWalgreens will close about 200 locations across the United States as part of its plan to cut costs.
Warning: Don't Touch Any Pig Ear Treats Or Feed Them To Your DogA warning about a multistate salmonella outbreak tied to the treats has been updated to include all pig ear products.