McDonald's: Ronald McDonald Keeping A Lower Profile Amid Creepy Clown ScaresThe burger chain's decision comes after a rash of pranks around the country that have involved eerie clown sightings.
Video Released By Dartmouth Police Shows How Serious They Are About Creepy ClownsA new video released by Dartmouth Police is a public service announcement to anyone considering taking part in the creepy clown craze: Don't.
Father Charged With Following School Bus While Wearing Clown MaskPolice will charge an Auburn father after he allegedly followed a school bus while wearing a clown mask.
High School Student Arrested For Making Clown-Related ThreatsA Rehoboth high school student was arrested after making clown-related threats on social media.
Winchester Police Chief Says Creepy Clown Calls A Drain On Public ResourcesSeveral communities have had reports of a suspicious person with a weapon wearing a clown outfit lately—and police in Winchester, where the latest such incident happened, say responding to such calls is starting to drain public resources.
Dedham High School Students Receive Anonymous Clown Text MessagesStudents have reported receiving messages from an unknown phone number referencing clowns in recent days.
Police Department On Clowns: 'We Will Handle Them Accordingly'After multiple clown sightings in one Maine town Monday night, police there are coming out with a stern warning for anyone caught clowning around.
School District Bans Clown Costumes For HalloweenA Connecticut school district is banning clown costumes and any "symbols of terror" during this year's Halloween season.
Stephen King: 'Time To Cool The Clown Hysteria'Stephen King has something to say about all those creepy clown sightings.
Girl With Knife At School Says She Feared Clown AttacksOfficials are warning that people involved in a rash of creepy clown hoaxes could be prosecuted.
Big Apple Circus Clowns Create Smiles At Boston Children's HospitalThese clowns are not volunteers. They are specially trained to deal with young people suffering from major illnesses.