Report: NFL 'Getting Closer' To Concluding Patriots Video InvestigationNearly three months has passed since a man under the employ of the New England Patriots illegally shot footage from behind the Bengals' sideline in an effort to gather B-roll for a video feature about a scout. The NFL still hasn't made any sort of ruling on the matter. What a joke!
'Spygate 2' Update: No Link To Bill Belichick Found, Investigation Could Conclude This WeekAccording to a new report, the "Spygate 2" mess might be ending soon, and the Patriots' alibi has apparently held up as truthful.
Zac Taylor Regrets Saying Bengals Receivers Got 'Bullied' By Patriots ... Even Though He Was RightWith a day of reflection, Bengals head coach Zac Taylor wishes that he had not said that.
Video 'Controversy' Is Mostly A Joke And Other Leftover Patriots ThoughtsWe've now seen the secret sideline video. Lo and behold, it was ... exactly what the Patriots admitted it was. What a joke.
Suspended Patriots Producer Releases Statement: 'No Intention' To Provide Footage To Football OperationsThe Patriots suspended the videographer who filmed the Bengals' sideline, according to The Boston Globe.
Four Ups, Four Downs From Patriots' Blowout Win Over BengalsFor a stretch, things didn't look great for the Patriots. Not great at all. But then ... the Bengals Bengaled, and the Patriots' defensive players remembered that they're supposed to be THE PATRIOTS DEFENSE™, and the final score of 34-13 looked pretty much what most folks expected it to look like.
Patriots Shake Off Slow Start, Roll To 34-13 Win Over BengalsThe Patriots shook off a slow start to improve to 11-3 on the year and hand the Bengals their 13th loss of the season.
Press Box Video Emerges Of Bengals Confronting Patriots' Videographer Filming Cincinnati SidelineWe've finally gotten a look at the video at the center of the video controversy surrounding the Patriots and Bengals.
Julian Edelman Active For Patriots After Early Injury ConcernsOutside of Tom Brady, there's been no player more important to the Patriots offense than Julian Edelman this season. On Sunday though, the team may not have him.
Roger Goodell Promises 'Thorough' Review Of Patriots, Creating Some Unease With InvestigationFor most of the week, the news has been pretty good from a Patriots perspective with regard to reporting surrounding a Patriots videographer shooting video of the Bengals' sideline this past weekend. A little too good. Fear not, though, because everybody's favorite sports commissioner is on the case.
Hurley's Picks: Remembering The Last Time Tom Brady Was 'On To Cincinnati'The last time Tom Brady and the Patriots were "on to Cincinnati" it worked out pretty well for them.