I-Team's Call 4 Action Steps In When Man Is Forced To Pay Ticket A Second TimeAn 11-year-old ticket came back to haunt a Pembroke driver trying to renew his license. He had little choice but to pay the fine a second time.
I-Team’s Call For Action Helps Man Get $500 Refund from Western UnionThe WBZ I-Team’s Call For Action helped a Watertown man get a $500 refund from Western Union.
I-Team Call For Action Saves Woman Thousands After License Plate Mix-UpA case of automotive mistaken identity nearly cost a Hubbardston woman thousands of dollars.
Call For Action Gets Replacement for Water Resistant Phone FailJaylynn Pridgen's 2-year-old phone stopped working after a dunk in the pool. This was a water-resistant Samsung. That's why she bought it.
Call For Action Team Helps Family Get Full Refund For Airplane Ticket Mix UpWhen Tara Kilgallen's family arrived at the ticket counter for their trip to Hawaii, they were told they had four tickets. One problem is they are a family of five.
Duxbury Woman Discovers She Has Been Paying Real Estate Taxes On Storage BinA Duxbury woman recently discovered she has been paying real estate taxes on a plastic storage bin worth $50.
Call 4 Action Team Helps Man Get Refund From LinkedIn After ID TheftWhen companies do business strictly online, it can make it challenging to find an actual person to help with a consumer issue.
Man Who Spent $1,000 On Extended Warranties For Old TV Gets Generous GiftIt's quite the television upgrade for 86-year-old Joe Pinto.
LuLaRoe Pays Mother $7,000 Months After Refund OfferKristin Stafford was finally paid money owed to her by LuLaRoe after an I-Team investigation.
Call For Action Team Investigates Extended Warranty For Old TechnologyLinda Hebert called WBZ-TV's Call For Action after she found out her elderly neighbor was still being asked to purchase an extended warranty on a TV he bought in 2002.
Rental Car Company Refunds Fees After Call For Action Team IntervenesKaren Chase and her husband paid $248 to RentalCars.com for a car rental. Additional charges brought their total cost up to $1,600.