Getting The Good Stuff Cheaper: GroceriesWe all want the good stuff cheap. So how can we buy the same goods and services we want and pay less in order to save?
Midyear Tax Planning For Those Miscellaneous ItemsSummer vacations are tough on working parents. The Child and Dependent Care Credit is available for expenses incurred during these lazy days of summer.
Midyear Tax Planning For Those Retirement PlansMid-year is a good time to take stock of your retirement accounts.
Midyear Tax Planning For College GradsThere is some tax planning for the recent graduate or their parents who want to give them advice.
Midyear Tax Planning For NewlywedsThe first thing on the list for newlyweds is a change of name and address.
Midyear Tax Planning: Where To BeginWe are midway into the year and trust me it is a good time to think about taxes.
Stretching Your Dollars On Those Fixed ExpensesFixed expenses are those things in our financial lives that for the most part we cannot change, but with a bit of encouragement you may be able to decrease them.
Stretching Your Dollars While Staying Cool For LessIf you have AC, and many folks do, I found some suggestions for saving money and keeping cool this summer.
Stretching Your Dollars While Dining OutA very simple way to save here is, don’t eat out! But you know that's not going to happen.
Stretching Your Dollars On GroceriesConsecutive years of drought in the west has caused produce and meat prices to increase and the bird flu is driving up egg prices.
The First Step To Stretching Your DollarsSaving allows you to get out of debt and to reach your financial goals.
Insurance Policies You Probably Don’t NeedInsurance is a financial tool that is used when you don’t have enough dollars in your emergency fund to cover the loss yourself. So what do you really need?
The Basics Of Long Term Care InsuranceHave you thought about who will care for you in your old age?
The Basics Of Homeowners InsuranceYour home is the largest hard asset you own. You will need to protect it with insurance.
The Basics Of Disability InsuranceIt is disability insurance that will protect you and provide an income stream for you and your dependents if you are unable to work due to an accident or an illness.