I-Team: Brigham And Women’s Employees Push For More Testing After Covid-19 OutbreakConcerned nurses are urging the hospital to do more testing to keep everyone safe after a COVID-19 cluster has created over 40 cases.
Brigham And Women's Coronavirus Cluster Rises To 45 CasesThe coronavirus cluster that was discovered at Brigham and Women’s Hospital has risen to a total of 45 cases.
Coronavirus Outbreak At Brigham And Women's Hospital Grows To 28 Known CasesA COVID-19 outbreak at Brigham & Women's Hospital has now grown to 28 confirmed cases.
New Hampshire Woman Gets Second Face Transplant At Brigham And Women's HospitalThe transplant from an anonymous donor took place at Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital in July.
Boston Hospitals To Test Cystic Fibrosis Drug On Severely Ill Coronavirus PatientsHarvard University researchers are working with two Boston hospitals to try a new way to help the sickest coronavirus patients.
Mass General, Brigham And Women's Make Best U.S. Hospitals ListMassachusetts General Hospital was sixth and Brigham and Women’s Hospital came in at number 12 in U.S. News and World Report’s honor roll.
MIT, Brigham And Women's Hospital Create Silicone Mask With N95 Filter For Easy SterilizationLocal researchers designed a silicone mask that is as effective as an N95 mask but easier to sterilize.
Can I Go To A Small Dinner Party? Brigham And Women's Hospital Epidemiologist Weighs InDr. Paul Sax, an epidemiologist from Brigham and Women's Hospital, tells WBZ-TV what he would be comfortable doing as Massachusetts reopens.
Brigham And Women's Hospital Nurses Take A Knee To Support ProtestsThe nurses wore black together outside Brigham and Women's Hospital before and got down on one knee for eight minutes and 46 seconds.
Boston Researchers Work On Smell Test For Early Detection Of CoronavirusResearchers are working on a test that they hope might be able to detect the loss of smell before a patient would notice a difference.
Brigham and Women's Uses Transparent Face Masks For Patients Who Read LipsThe best part about the new transparent masks? You can see a smile.