The Discretionary Items In Your BudgetWe have been discussing saving on what we eat. Let’s quickly look at a few more discretionary items in your budget.
Curbing Discretionary Items In Your BudgetEating out really is discretionary spending. It’s more difficult to save on your rent or mortgage payments.
Mass. Health Officials Warn Of Gasoline Contaminated WaterThe Massachusetts Department of Public Health has issued an advisory after a child became sick after drinking water from a five gallon bottle.
NightSide Weekend Commentary - No Bottled Water Can Be Sold In ConcordQuench your thirst for good conversation every weeknight at 8, on NightSide.
Great Ways To SaveI Googled “Ways to Save” and found 364 million articles.
Senate Puts Aside Effort To Expand Bottle Bill To Bottled WaterThe Massachusetts Senate has put aside an effort to expand the bottle deposit law to include plastic water bottles and other types of non-carbonated beverage containers.
State Senator Proposes Banning Sale Of Bottled Water In MassachusettsBottled water could be banned statewide as soon as next year.
State Trooper Walks In On Armed Robbery In NewtonGood timing helped stop an armed robbery at a CVS in Newton.
Curious About Tax on Water?Recently I was charged sales tax for a bottle of water at Logan Airport. When I stated there is no sales tax in Mass. on water I was told "but there is one here at the airport!" - Marcia, Methuen
Money Matters - Dumb Money Moves: Listeners Weigh InHere is a list that I complied from listeners’ suggestions...
Keller's Top Local TurkeysIt is that time of year again. WBZ's Jon Keller unveils his list of top local turkeys.