Drivers, Passengers Adjust To New Uber, Lyft Pick Up Locations At Logan AirportIt's day one of passengers having to meet their Uber or Lyft drivers in the central parking garage.
Laser Pointed At 2 Planes Landing At Logan AirportBoth instances took place about 20 miles southeast of the airport at the time.
New York-Bound Flight Returns To Boston After Bird StrikeA Boston-to-New York flight has had to return to Boston after a bird strike.
Logan Airport Reporting Flight Delays Of 7 Hours; 200+ Cancellations Due To WeatherIf you’re heading to Logan Airport, better check your flight status as there have been hundreds of delays and cancellations. 
Man Allegedly Assaulted 86-Year-Old Cab Driver In Logan Airport Road Rage IncidentA Newton man was arrested Friday after State Police say he assaulted an 86-year-old cab driver during a road rage incident near Logan Airport.
Mobile Registration Centers Make TSA-Pre More AccessibleTSA's subsidiary, Identogo, is building two huge RV’s to register people for TSA-pre just about anywhere, like NFL games and music festivals.
Christmas Weekend Rush Underway At Logan AirportAAA estimates nearly 6.4 million people will travel by air this holiday season.
Busy Travel Day More Pleasant Than Some Drivers ExpectedAAA, TSA, and Amtrak are in agreement that Sunday may be the busiest travel day of the year.
Pilots Targeted By Laser Pointers North Of Logan AirportPilots of two flights reported laser pointers being pointed at their planes north of Logan Airport on Friday.
Friday Logan Arrivals Escaping Irma Glad To Be In New EnglandResidents of Massachusetts expressed relief as they got off their airplanes at Logan Airport Friday afternoon.
Smoke, Flat Force Delay On Boston-Bound Flight From MexicoA flight from Mexico City to Boston finally landed at Logan early Monday morning after a blown tire during takeoff forced a two-hour delay.