Birth Control Pills May Fail In Women With Certain Genetic VariantThe small birth control failure rate was largely thought to be due to human error, but there may be other factors.
Birth Control Pill Recall: Defective Packaging Could Lead To PregnancyThe packaging error may lead someone to miss a pill or take a placebo instead of the active tablet.
Recall: Birth Control Pills With Flawed Instructions Could Cause 'Unintended Pregnancy'Janssen Pharmaceuticals is voluntarily recalling three lots of a popular birth control pill due to a packaging error that could cause "unintended pregnancy."
Essure Birth Control Device Being Pulled From US MarketThe decision by Bayer follows the US Food and Drug Administration's patient safety action in April, when it ordered that sales and distribution of Essure be restricted.
Birth Control Pills Recalled; 'Unintended Pregnancy' PossibleConsumers who have the recalled pills should arrange to return them to their physicians.
A Birth Control Pill For Men?A prospective birth control pill for men has its origin in an arrow poison.
New Study Reinforces Link Between Birth Control & Breast Cancer RiskBirth control can increase a woman's risk of breast cancer by up to 38%, depending on how long she has taken it, a new study finds.
Massachusetts Lawmakers Approve Bill Protecting No-Cost Birth ControlThe Massachusetts House has overwhelmingly approved legislation that supporters say will protect birth control coverage for women.
GOP Sen. Kelly Ayotte's Campaign Hands Out Condoms On College CampusesRepublican U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte's campaign is highlighting a birth control bill she sponsored by handing out free condoms on New Hampshire college campuses.
Morning-After Pill Use Climbing Among Teens, Report FindsMore than 1 in 5 sexually active teen girls have used the morning-after pill — a dramatic increase that likely reflects that it's easier now for teens to buy the emergency contraceptive.
Data Shows Abortion Rate In New England Is DecliningRhode Island and Connecticut have seen the most significant decreases since 2010.