Asthma Rates Among Children In The United States Are DroppingAsthma is the leading cause of chronic illness in children and can be deadly.
Nearly 600,000 Asthma Inhalers Recalled By GSKAn FDA document indicates the reason for recall is a “defective delivery system” due to a leak in the Ventolin inhalers.
During Pregnancy, Tylenol May Increase Kids' Asthma Risk , Chocolate May Be BeneficialThere's evidence that taking Tylenol during pregnancy or giving it to young infants could increase a child’s risk of developing asthma by age 3.
Man Convicted Of Involuntary Manslaughter In Asthma DeathA Boston man has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter for the death of a man who had an asthma attack fleeing a street shooting.
Suspected Cases Of Enterovirus D68 In Conn., Rhode IslandThe virus that has sickened thousands of kids and sent dozens to the hospital throughout the country has hit the Northeast.
Enterovirus D68: What Every Parent Should KnowParents should be prepared for a new virus that is infecting the Midwest and looking to sweep the nation.
Asthma Misdiagnosis Sidelines Many Young AthletesIt's estimated that about 5% of exercise-induced asthma cases are really a much easier condition to treat.
Boston Company Builds Gaming App For Children's HealthA Boston company has developed a game designed to help kids with asthma, one of the most common chronic illnesses among children.
Asthma Misdiagnosed More Often Than You Would ThinkIt is estimated about 25 million Americans have been diagnosed with asthma. Many of them are being treated for a condition they don’t even have.
Fitchburg Student Dies After Asthma AttackA middle school student from Fitchburg died last week after a severe asthma attack.
I-Team: Dangerous Air Quality In Many Mass. SchoolsThe I-Team found poor indoor air quality in many Massachusetts schools is making it harder for children to learn.