Scientists Get Closer To Blood Test For Alzheimer's DiseaseAn experimental blood test was highly accurate at distinguishing people with Alzheimer's disease from those without it in several studies.
Some Antioxidants May Protect Against Alzheimer's, Study FindsAlzheimer's disease affects some six million Americans. A new study published in the journal "neurology" finds that certain antioxidants may have a protective effect.
New England Researchers Developing Eye Scan To Catch Alzheimer's EarlyThey hope the scan will allow doctors to identify the signs of Alzheimer’s 20 years or more before symptoms develop.
New Details Emerge On Drug That May Slow Alzheimer's DiseaseCambridge-based Biogen is developing Aducanumab with a Japanese company.
Regular Aerobic Exercise May Slow Progression To Alzheimer's For Those Most At RiskA half hour of aerobic exercise four to five times a week may prevent or slow cognitive decline.
Melrose Man Cycling Across Country For Alzheimer's AwarenessA Melrose man is on an epic journey, cycling across the country to raise awareness and money to find a cure for Alzheimer's disease.
Scientists Are Closing In On A Blood Test For Alzheimer'sIt would screen people for possible signs of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia.
Moisturizer Could Help Lower Risk Of Chronic DiseaseCould you moisturize yourself to better health?
Another Promising Alzheimer's Drug Trial Ends In Failure: 'This One Hurts'It's another devastating blow in the search for a treatment for patients living with Alzheimer's disease.
Eye Exams May One Day Predict Alzheimer's DiseaseResearchers say an eye exam may one day identify patients at risk for Alzheimer’s disease long before symptoms begin.
Lowering Blood Pressure Could Cut Risk Factor For DementiaIntensive lowering of blood pressure can have a measurable impact on mild cognitive impairment (MCI), a well-established precursor of dementia, a new study finds.