New Peanut Allergy Study Offers Promising Results For KidsDoctors exposed people with peanut allergies to small doses of peanut powder over a period of months, with promising results.
Sucking Your Baby's Pacifier Might Protect Them From Allergies, Study SaysThe research found lower levels of a troublesome, allergy-causing protein in babies whose mothers reported sucking on their infants' pacifiers.
New Concerns About Sesame AllergiesSesame could become the newest allergen added to the list of foods required to be named on labels.
Climate Change Is Making Your Allergies WorseThe American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology says climate change is causing allergy seasons to last longer.
Woman's Runny Nose Was Actually Leaking Brain Fluid, Doctors SayA woman in Nebraska who thought she was suffering from a terrible case of allergies has been told by doctors that her runny nose was actually being caused by leaking brain fluid.
UTZ Recalling Tortilla Chips Over Milk Allergy ConcernsThe recall affects products that were reportedly distributed to retail stores in over 30 states, including all of New England.
Antacids, Antibiotics Could Increase Risk Of Allergy In BabiesAccording to a new study, babies who are given antacids like Zantac and Pepcid are more likely to develop childhood allergies.
Sad In The Spring? Allergy-Mood Link Is RealSpring allergies aren't just an annoyance - many doctors agree that there is a real connection between allergies and mood.
Families Say Lexington Nutrition Health Coach Can Cure Deadly Food AllergiesNutrition health coach Amy Thieringer developed a homeopathic, non-invasive program to treat allergies.
Call For Action: Families With Food Allergies Criticize Mylan’s Management Of EpiPen RecallAfter a worldwide recall of the EpiPen, some families say they had to wait far too long for a replacement.
Kellogg's Adds Peanut Flour To Sandwich Crackers, Raising Allergy ConcernsAn ingredient change by the Kellogg Company has many parents of children with peanut allergies alarmed.