NFL's Investigation Into Peyton Manning Stands Incongruous To Quest To Take Down Tom BradyThe NFL left much to the imagination when seemingly going to great lengths to exonerate Peyton Manning and clear his name.
NFLPA Not Willing To Simply Bow To NFL's Demands On Player Interviews In PED InvestigationWith two very high-profile disputes still working through high levels of the judicial system, the NFLPA is seemingly intent on preventing a few more from reaching that point.
James Harrison Prepping For Battle With Roger Goodell Over PED InvestigationAmerica might want to tune in to the budding Harrison vs. Goodell battle that is brewing.
Report: NFL To Interview Players Named In Al-Jazeera Report ... Except For Peyton ManningThe NFL is finally getting around to investigating that pesky PED report from the now-defunct Al Jazeera America network which broke back in December.
Rep Confirms That Guyer Clinic Sent Drugs To Peyton Manning's WifeManning's own hired representative has confirmed the central piece of information to The Washington Post: drugs were shipped to Manning's house under his wife Ashley's name.
Report: NFL Opts To Not Join MLB, USADA Investigation Into Al Jazeera ReportThe NFL seems much less interested in making a story out of a cheating scandal involving a golden child of the league this year.
New York Times Finds Link That Lends Credence To Charlie Sly's Doping Claims To Al JazeeraThe New York Times found success in finding a connection that should lend credence to what Charlie Sly told Al Jazeera.
Boomer Esiason Dismisses Al Jazeera's Peyton Manning ReportBoomer Esiason doesn't want to discuss the Peyton Manning HGH allegations, because he doesn't see Al Jazeera as a credible news source.