Stevens Discusses Celtics' Crowded Frontcourt, How Al Horford Can Help Robert WilliamsFollowing last week's trade that sent Kemba Walker out of Boston and brought in Al Horford and Moses Brown, the Celtics have a big glut of big guys.
It's Official: Celtics Trade Kemba Walker To Oklahoma City For Al HorfordKemba Walker's days in Boston are over. And Al Horford's coming back.
Al Horford Donates $500,000 Toward Coronavirus Relief Everywhere He's Played BasketballThere is a lot of debate about Al Horford the basketball player. But there is no debate about Al Horford the person. He is a solid dude all around.
Al Horford Questionable In His Return To BostonAl Horford returns to Boston for the first time as a member of the Philadelphia 76ers on Thursday night. But he may not see the TD Garden floor.
Celtics 'Stomped Their Feet' Over Teams Possibly Tampering With Al HorfordThe Celtics knew they were going to lose Kryie Irving via free agency this summer, but Al Horford's departure caught them by surprise. And the fact that teams knew Horford would be available, and had some big money offers ready to go, reportedly caused the Celtics to raise a bit of a stink about the situation.
Al Horford Discusses His Tough Decision To Leave Celtics/Easy Decision To Sign With 76ersAl Horford said his decision to opt out of his deal with the Celtics was a difficult one to make. The 76ers made his decision to move to Philly pretty simple, though.
Al Horford Says Thank You To Boston In Farewell MessageCeltics fans are still hurting from Al Horford's departure. His heartfelt farewell to Boston may help a little bit.
NBA Free Agency Live Blog: Al Horford Agrees To Deal With 76ersThe live blog will be filled with every bit of NBA news that makes its way out on what is sure to be an exceptionally busy day.
Al Horford Reportedly Won't Re-Sign With Celtics -- What It Means For Boston's FutureWhen Al Horford turned down a $30.1 million payday from the Celtics for next season, the belief was he and the team would work out a new deal that benefited both sides. That is no longer the case.
Report: Al Horford Not Exercising Player Option With Celtics, Will Be Unrestricted Free AgentAl Horford is not picking up his player option for next season, but he's not ruling out a return to the Celtics.
Al Horford, Celtics Reportedly Discussing Re-Worked ContractNow that Anthony Davis is heading to Los Angeles, the Boston Celtics are turning their attention elsewhere this offseason. That includes figuring out the future of veteran big man Al Horford.