Massachusetts Links Some Oscar NomineesMany of this year’s Academy Award nominated movies have diverse story lines, casts, settings and endings. But some have at least one attribute in common: a Massachusetts link.
Way to Go, MichaelIn a land where “V” stands for vapid much of the time, Hollywood was the scene of some honesty and sincerity recently.
Additional ThanksNow that the weather outside is more conducive to staying inside, it feels right to settle down in front of the keyboard to share some thoughts.
One Fascinating WorldA team of diligent scientists drilling a half mile through Antarctic ice has made a remarkable discovery.
A Significant Start To My DayThe morning ritual. For most it includes tending to teeth, gums, hair, calisthenics, deep breathing, grinding coffee beans, whipping up smoothies or walking the canine. But another more meaningful ritual occurred a few mornings ago....
MalledAt the outset, I confess that I have NEVER been nor shall I likely EVER become a connoisseur of one of America’s favorite pastimes---shopping.
RemindersSo often we are jarred into place and forced to reflect on life and just how rough it can be.
A New EraIt seems to me that when it comes to modern telephony I’m about four years behind the curve...
Bringing ComfortNo local event in recent memory has been as emotionally jarring as the Marathon terror bombings.
A Gift For YouThe major gift giving season is over. And not a moment too soon.
Losses and WinsWhen it comes to the endless cycle of losses and wins in life, all of us are or will someday be seasoned veterans.