Hurley's Picks: Tom Brady Amused By Aaron Rodgers' Ownership Stake In BearsYou simply have to admit that what Aaron Rodgers did last weekend was hysterical.
The Patriots, Now 0-4 At Home, Have Fully Lost Their Foxboro MystiqueThe New England Patriots have played four games in their home stadium in the 2021 season. They've lost them all. This is indeed a strange new world.
Details Emerge On How Badly Tom Brady Wanted To Join 49ers After Leaving PatriotsSome details about just how badly Tom Brady wanted to play for the 49ers have now come out, in excerpt from Seth Wickersham's new book
'Time For A Trade?' Tom Brady And Gisele Bundchen Tweet About Missing Fall WeatherTom Brady made it seem like he was a guy ready for a return to New England – at least for some leaf peeping.
Tom Brady Nearly Perfect In First Quarter Vs. Eagles, En Route To Buccaneers VictoryTom Brady went ahead and had a nearly perfect first quarter.
Hurley's Picks: In Exposing Jon Gruden, You Have To Wonder Whom The NFL Is ShieldingThe NFL outed Jon Gruden. That's fine. But with 600,000 more emails, you have to wonder which people the league is shielding.
Tom Brady Isn't Planning On Missing Thursday Night's Game Due To Thumb InjuryFrom 2001 through 2007, Tom Brady missed zero games due to injury. From 2009 through the start of 2021, Tom Brady likewise missed zero games due to injury. He's not about to change that now that he's got a damaged thumb.
Tom Brady Only Needed Five Weeks To Throw More Touchdowns Than Every 44-Year-Old In History ... CombinedTom Brady officially confirmed that he's better than every single person who ever tried to play quarterback at the age of 44.
Tom Brady Does Something He Hasn't Done Since Record-Setting 2007 SeasonTom Brady is back.
Joe Montana Says Tom Brady Can Play To Age 60, Because Nobody Is Allowed To Hit HimJoe Montana took things further, saying Tom Brady can probably play until he's 60, given how many quarterback hits have been outlawed by the NFL.
Latest Trailer For Tom Brady's Docuseries Might Legitimately Fire Up Patriots FansTom Brady's teaser trailer tries to very quickly get into the mindset of the greatest winner in football history.