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Chris McKinnon is anchor of WBZ-TV News’ weekday morning (4:30-7AM) and noon newscasts with co-anchor Kate Merrill and AccuWeather meteorologist Danielle Niles.

McKinnon joined WBZ-TV News from KWTV News 9 in Oklahoma City, OK where he was a general assignment reporter since October 2011. Prior to KWTV, he was an anchor/reporter for KREX-TV in Grand Junction, CO.

McKinnon is a 2009 graduate of the University of Southern California where he earned a BA degree in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science. While studying at USC, he worked at USC’s Annenberg TV News, and he had an internship at SiriusXM Radio.

McKinnon is a New England native who enjoys playing hockey and tennis, and he is a devoted fan of the USC Trojans. A self-proclaimed “foodie,” he is happy to be “home” in Boston and to be back enjoying the area’s outstanding restaurants.

New England Organic Egg Farmer Takes On FDA Over What Is ‘Healthy’

Eggs may get a bad rap, but the FDA is considering a change in how they define healthy.


It Happens Here: Cambridgeport & The Off Ramp To Nowhere

In the 1960s, a small group mobilized to stand up for their neighborhood. It’s a literal story about the little guy fighting City Hall.


It Happens Here In Swampscott: Coconut Husks, Beaches & Broken Lightbulbs

Join WBZ’s Chris McKinnon as he discovers what a Big Blue is, and how coconuts have helped the Swampscott football team to a dominant season this Fall.


Recovery Coaches Help Opioid Addicts Stay Clean After Treatment

Recovery coaches are there to keep an eye on those in recovery and intervene before it’s too late.


Summer Of Savings: Free Fourth Of July Festivities

Things are about to spark for 4th of July and if you’re already spending a bundle on the barbecue, why not save on the entertainment?


Black Bear Strolls Through Billerica Neighborhood

Billerica residents had an unwelcome visitor in their neighborhood Wednesday afternoon.


Summer Of Savings: Affordable Youth Camps

The school year is winding down. But with summer on the horizon, many parents are wondering what to do with their kids.


Saint Cyr Dimanche’s Long Journey From Africa To The Boston Marathon

Today, Saint Cyr Dimanche is a 23-year-old son of two loving parents in Worcester, studying international relations at Brandeis University. But he traveled a long and difficult road to get the where he is.

WBZ-TV, CBS Channel 4 Boston–04/12/2017

Summer Of Savings: Back-To-School Supplies

The cost of supplies can add up fast, so we’re doing the comparison shopping for you to find the best bargains in this week’s WBZ-TV Summer of Savings.


Why Your Auto Insurance Rates Are Going Up

Prices have been going up in Massachusetts and around the country.


Melrose High Marching Band Perform At National Memorial Day Parade

The 70 musicians and color guard team boarded buses this past Friday morning to make the journey from Melrose to the nation’s capital to participate in the Memorial Day march.


Mislabeled Wines Being Sold At Boston Area Shops

The price signs with wine ratings for specific years didn’t match the actual bottle for sale on the shelf.


Mass. Companies, Universities Making Creative Wearable Technology

From sophisticated eyewear to biometric sensors, companies and universities in Massachusetts are making strides in developing wearable technology.


Drone Accidents Could Cause Insurance Hassles

There are concerns emerging that all of these new pilots could confront an insurance issue if they have some type of accident.


Winchester Police Help Parents Find Drugs ‘Hidden In Plain Sight’

The opioid crisis has made headlines across Massachusetts, but many parents are still completely unaware that their kids are at risk, or already doing drugs.


Companies Offering Employees Financial Classes

Companies are offering financial education classes and they are changing people’s lives.


Are You Watching ‘Targeted Ads’ On TV?

Digital set-top boxes allow cable and satellite providers to record what shows air on the TVs in your home.


Online Shoppers Warned Of Gift Card Scam

As the busy shopping season kicks into gear, the FTC is warning online shoppers to be on the lookout for a scam.


Apps Claim To Make Boston’s ‘Horrific’ Parking Situation Easier

For some, describing parking in Boston is easy: “Horrific.”


Limited Lifetime Warranties May Not Be For A Lifetime

Jimmy Ipp didn’t expect his blinds to last forever, but he did think he would be able to get them fixed for as long as he had them thanks to his limited lifetime warranty.


Cardless ATM’s May Be More Secure And Convenient

Cardless ATM’s are a new type of technology that is starting to show up at area banks.


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High Tech Solutions To Manage Smartphone Use

Look at people at a coffee shop, or waiting for the T and it is clear the majority of us are addicted to our cell phones.


Cape Cod Lawmaker Proposes Bill To Tax Vacation Rentals

Under current state law, a short term rental is not subject to the hotel/motel tax.


Insurance App Helps Homeowners Keep Inventory Of Belongings

Often in the wake of a robbery, or another tragic event, many homeowners aren’t able to document exactly what they lost.


NH Family Faces Difficult Decision On ‘The Briefcase’ Debut

A new reality show debuts Wednesday night on CBS that asks the question: ‘What would you do if someone handed you $100,000?’


Using Reusable Bags Changes Shopping Habits, Harvard Study Finds

Our shopping habits change when we use reusable bags. However, it has nothing to do with being earth friendly.


Where To Find The Best Summer Vacation Deals

With warmer temperatures and longer days, it’s hard not to think about summer vacation.


Many Passengers Unaware Of Uber ‘Blacklist’

Uber drivers can rate their passengers, and an unfriendly experience could lead to a spot on the Uber blacklist.


Local Hospital Creates ‘Email Free Fridays’

Beth Israel Deaconess in Plymouth did a survey and found workers felt overwhelmed by unnecessary email.


I-Team: Shoddy Inspections Leave Homeowners With Expensive Problems

A shoddy home inspection can leave a buyer with expensive problems to sort out.


How To Avoid An IRS Tax Audit

We all have to pay taxes but it turns out we have some control when it comes to staying under the IRS radar and avoiding an audit.

WBZ-TV, CBS Channel 4 Boston–03/30/2015

I-Team: Tobin Bridge Toll Fees Could Cost Drivers Their Jobs

Some drivers are getting hit with sky high fees for failing to pay tolls on the Tobin Bridge.


I-Team: Washing Machines Could Be Hiding Health Hazards

Many owners of front load washers are reporting problems with the buildup of slime and mold.


‘Invisible Boyfriend’ App Helps Singles Avoid Relationship Questions

It may sound extreme, but a local doctor believes it’s a useful tool.


New Technology Creates Tipping Dilemma

More take out spots and coffee shops are adding electronic pay stations.


I-Team: Thousands Lose Money Falling For Sophisticated Tax Scam

The federal government logged more than 90,000 complaints last year for scams that cost taxpayers about $14 million.


New Apps Can Help You Look For Jobs Under The Radar

One of the hardest parts of looking for a new job is making sure a current employer doesn’t know about it.


Software Makes It Easy To Track Your Emails

Many companies are now offering cheap email tracking programs.


I-Team: Thousands Of Homeowners Commission Projects Without Permits

Building permits are designed for safety, but the I-Team has learned thousands of Massachusetts homeowners and landlords are doing work illegally.


I-Team: Are Vaccines Causing Shoulder Injuries?

The I-Team discovered that flu shots come with a potential risk that few people know about; and the results can mean months or years of debilitating pain.


I-Team: Some Tobin Pay-By-Plate Drivers Face Massive Bills

MassDOT records show in just four months last year, the state charged $8.5 million in late fees for those who use Pay-by-Plate.


I-Team Uncovers Health Violations At College Dining Halls

The I-Team discovered numerous health violations at local university dining areas.