Inviting A WBZ-TV Speaker

The WBZ-TV staff enjoys participating in community events across the region, and we’re always delighted to receive your kind invitations. Because WBZ-TV is a major media company, the staff must maintain unquestionable objectivity and credibility. Therefore, WBZ-TV employees can only accept invitations from charitable organizations, non-profit civic and professional groups, schools and educational programs, and community outreach organizations; and we cannot appear at commercially driven or politically motivated events. Keeping these guidelines in mind, we welcome your invitations and will make sure each one gets careful consideration.

Important Note: How To Request A WBZ-TV Meteorologist

WBZ Meteorologists visit many classrooms within the community. We ask that students be in grade two or above. In order to schedule a meteorologist to come and visit your school, please complete the request form and mail it to the following address:

Attn: Weather Department
1170 Soldiers Field Road
Boston, MA 02134

Here’s How To Invite A WBZ-TV Speaker:

To keep the invitation process simple and organized, we ask that you carefully review the following procedures on how to invite a speaker, and we ask that you allow at least four weeks for a response.

Letter of Invitation:
Please mail or email a Letter of Invitation to the WBZ-TV journalist or staff member of your choice C/O:

WBZ-TV Communications Department
1170 Soldiers Field Road
Boston, MA 02134
EMAIL: with subject “Inviting a Speaker”

Due to the sheer volume of requests, we are sorry that invitations via phone calls or voice mail will not be considered.

Your Letter of Invitation should include the name of the WBZ-TV journalist or employee whom you wish to invite (to learn more about our news staff go to the News Team page), the name of your organization, the date and
times of the event, the location, an audience description (eg: school students, senior citizens, trade or professional organization, etc.), the number of people expected to attend, and the contact person who should be reached for questions as well as the reply.

Please Keep In Mind the Following Restrictions:
WBZ-TV speakers’ schedules and availability are contingent on breaking news, news requirements, personal
obligations, or any other conflicts that may arise. Therefore, on rare occasions, a WBZ-TV speaker may have to cancel their appearance, and WBZ-TV is not obligated to find a replacement speaker.

Furthermore, there are various invitations that WBZ-TV journalists and staff members cannot accept, and they include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • No assemblies, lectures, or lessons under 2nd Grade level
  • No appearances or endorsements on behalf of commercial organizations, political candidates or positions, or competing broadcast or cable stations
  • No modeling, no mock newscasts or news scenarios, no selling, no bartending or serving, and no roasting
  • No fees/payments, WBZ-TV journalists and staff cannot accept compensation for appearances. If your
    organization offers an honorarium, we suggest you reinvest the amount into your event budget or donate to charity. WBZ-TV supports various, deserving charities, and we would be happy to make suggestions.

We are happy to consider your request for providing your organization a charity auction item. But, WBZ-TV personalities cannot participate as a celebrity auction item such as “Bid to win dinner with a WBZ-TV journalist.” And, because auctioneering is a highly skilled profession best left to the professionals, only a few WBZ-TV journalists are comfortable leading an auction. So, we rarely accept invitations to be “celebrity auctioneers,” but we’re happy to review your request.

Thank you for thinking of WBZ-TV when planning your event. We look forward to trying to accommodate your
invitation and wish you great success with your plans.

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