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To stay warm throughout the cold months, it’s important to keep you head, feet and torso warm. Wearing a hat and warm socks is easy, but what about the rest? One of the first things to consider is the rule of 2 or 3—layers that is—any more layers than 2-3 layers, you risk looking like the Michelin man. Besides, once you exercise the rule of 2 or 3, you quickly realize that you do not need more layers than that.

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Ideas for executing Rule of 2

Option 1: You can wear a short or long sleeved blouse or t-shirt under a sweater or jacket.

Option 2: Try a turtleneck or sweater over which you wear a short sleeved puffer vest. If you will wear your puffer vest under a coat, be sure to get a vest that doesn’t have a high down fill it will fit under your coat.

Option 3: Don’t put away all your summer dresses. Save a few of them for winter wear. Simply throw a cashmere sweater over your dress and voila! For your bottom half, wear warm tights and socks then slip on some boots, and you’ll be good to go.

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Ideas for executing Rule of 3:

Three layers, but make them thin layers.

Option 1: You can choose to wear a short-sleeved t-shirt, and a sweater over which you throw a tweed or velvet jacket. When you are buying jackets or sweaters for the colder months, be sure to try on the jacket with the number of layers you will be wearing with it so that you can best gauge fit. Alternatively, you can opt to purchase your sweaters or jackets a size bigger than normal.

Option 2: If you want to skip cotton t-shirts don’t forget sleeveless silk t-shirts. Technically they belong in the long underwear camp, but no one needs to know. Over the sleeveless t-shirt (silk or otherwise), you can add a turtleneck or sweater. Add a puffer vest or blazer and there you are!

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Advice for your bottom half

As the temperature heads into negative numbers, don’t forget your long underwear or silk sock liners. Your legs and toesies will be nice and warm. Long johns come in silk and in synthetic fabrics that will keep the wind at bay as well as wick moisture from your body.

As you head into Rule of 3 territory, just remember to keep your bottom half nice and lean. One way to do so is to go for darker colors on your bottom half of your body, as dark color are more slimming than lighter colors. For example you could try the Rule of 3 options with a dark colored skirt or with dark corduroys pants.

Don’t forget your jewelry, scarves and bags! Accessories always help to lift one’s spirits in the depths of winter. Go forth and layer! Oh, and if you get too warm, just remove a layer.
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