– By Colleen Mescall

Sometimes you just want to be fancy. And even though ‘fancy’ usually runs in the same crowd as ‘expensive’, there are times when it’s necessary (and definitely worth it). Whether it’s your best friends birthday party, celebrating an engagement, a big date, a promotion, etc., we have five of the most fabulous restaurants, bars, lounges and clubs in Boston for you to visit on your next celebratory night on the town.

easternstandard  Sometimes The Price Of Being Fancy Is Worth It

(credit: easternstandardboston.com)

Eastern Standard

528 Commonwealth Ave (Beacon Street)
Boston, MA 02215
(617) 532-9100
Hours: Breakfast 7AM-10:30AM, Lunch 11:30AM-2:30PM (Mon-Sat), Dinner 5PM-11PM (Sun-Thurs) 5PM-12AM (Fri-Sat)
Prices: $10-$30
Reviews, Directions & More

The minute you walk into the Eastern Standard you know you’re going to want to stay there forever. The place oozes classiness. From the high ceilings, to the plush red booths and the sprawling 40-foot marble bar, not to mention the welcoming staff and unique cocktail list — this place is a must visit to cheers your friends promotion. Order a couple of Sparklers (or maybe even a Buttered Rum as the cold air creeps into Beantown) and make a toast.

beehive e1311105111291  Sometimes The Price Of Being Fancy Is Worth It

Photo Credit: Beehive

The Beehive

541 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 423-0069
Hours: Open 7 days a week, 5PM-2AM
Prices: Cocktails, $10.50-$12
Reviews, Directions & More

Do you want to feel really cool, or maybe look really cool to, let’s say…impress a date? Well then, a trip to The Beehive is definitely worth it. Sitting with your honey under the dim lights amongst the sounds of a live jazz band, surrounded by the eclectic decor (not to mention a nice little buzz from enjoying a couple of Honey Highballs) you’re guaranteed to have good night.

Bar 10

10 Huntington Avenue – On the lobby level of the Westin
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 424-7446
Hours: Mon-Wed 11:30AM-1AM, Thurs-Fri 11:30AM-1:30AM, Sat 12PM-1:30AM, Sun 12PM-1AM
Prices: Cocktails, $10-$15
Reviews, Directions & More

Two of your closest friends just got engaged and you need to find the perfect place to bring the gang for a few drinks. Bar 10, people, Bar 10. This is what a swanky hotel bar should look like – a well-decorated, intimate spot that’ll give your crew enough space to celebrate such a momentous and important occasion. (And not to mention, enjoy a couple of martinis as well. My choice? Espresso martini!). For a night you won’t want to forget, Bar 10 might be just what you’re looking for.

115356565  Sometimes The Price Of Being Fancy Is Worth It

Photo Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Top of the Hub

800 Boylston St Ste 52
(Between Fairfield and Gloucester)
Boston, MA 02116
Hours: Daily 11:30AM-1AM
Prices: Cocktails/food $11-$60
Reviews, Directions & More

I’ve always thought of Top of the Hub as the ultimate ‘grown up’ spot. This is where you want to bring Mom and Dad when they come into town, so they know you’re doing okay. They’ll be so impressed by your style and taste! Don’t be afraid to jazz up your outfit for the night, and be sure to check the forecast because, on a clear day you can see forever.

dancing thinkstock e1314894450482  Sometimes The Price Of Being Fancy Is Worth It

Photo Credit: Thinkstock.com

Gypsy Bar

528 Commonwealth Ave (Beacon Street)
Boston, MA 02215
(617) 532-9100
Hours: Thurs-Sat 10PM-2AM
Prices: $10 + cocktails $10-$14
Reviews, Directions & More

There are plenty of clubs in Boston, so how do you know which one to try out? Well, let’s start with Gypsy Bar (hey, if it’s good enough for Kim Kardashian, it’s good enough for me)…From the sleek, stylish decor, to the great music (think hip-hop, top 40) and the lively crowd – this is the perfect spot to celebrate your best friend birthday. Get the girls together, because you’re going dancing!

Colleen Mescall is a Marketing Manager for a website in the Boston area and holds a special place in her heart for the Celtics. She writes about her love of all things New England over at her blog, the daily craic, www.thedailycraic.com (catch her on Twitter @thedailycraic).


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