By Michelle McCormack

You can’t walk down a Boston street without tripping over some under-paid street musician just trying to make a buck to either stay in school, or keep ‘gigging out’ till they hit their big break.

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For some reason Boston attracts musicians, which is why we’re known for having some of the most killer music venues in the US. From old school favs like The Paradise, to new corporate owned, resentment inducing spots like House of Blues and Bank of America Pavilion.

Because of this, not only do we get to add another factoid to the list of why Boston is great (along with insane sports fans and more college credits per square foot than almost anywhere in the world) we also get to benefit from the plethora of music lessons available ranging from college level commitment to the hourly private lesson.

I asked the fans of my Facebook page Secret Boston to give their recommendations on great music lessons in Boston and here’s some of what I got:


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FEES: 12 week summer full-credit $12,300+; 5 week summer program around $5,000; 1 semester, no credit, full-time $610

FEES: Non-credit: (some instructors’ fees may be higher); 60-minute lessons: $101.00/lesson; 45-minute lessons: $75.75/lesson; 30-minute lessons: $50.50/lesson.

School of Continuing Education Credit: (some instructors’ fees may be higher); 4 CE credits: $2300 for 15 hours of instruction; 3 CE credits: $1725 for 11.25 hours of instruction; 2 CE credits: $1150 for 7.5 hours of instruction.


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Page Music offers affordable, professional, private music lessons in Boston, or you can event take lessons from home via webcam. Take your pick on a wide variety of instruments offered including: Violin, Cello, Drums, Piano, Keyboard, Flute, Saxophone, Brass and Voice

FEES: Many pricing options, contact for more


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Voice – Ajda the Turkish QueenSince November of 2009, Ajda has been offering private voice lessons – specializing in adult beginners, and appropriate for anyone looking to develop and master a more perfect voice, or to create a stronger and more dynamic image.  Ajda’s real world experience includes over 12 years of live performance singing and playing several instruments in bands of varying styles such as indie/experimental rock, Americana, goth and cabaret. Lessons take place as studio 44 of the Steinert Building, in the heart of Boston’s Theatre District, and across from Boston Common.

FEES: Contact Ajda for pricing

Guitar – Tony Savarino 

Tony is a guitar player’s guitar player. He’s versatile with the unique ability to put his personal stamp on everything he does. He has appeared in many local and national publications through out the years including, Guitar World, Guitar Player For The Practicing Musician, The Boston Globe, The Boston Phoenix, The Noise and SoundCheck. Tony teaches lessons out of his loft in the Fort Point Channel are for more information check out his personal site.

FEES: $100 / 2hr; $80 / 1.5hr; $60 / 1hr; $45 / 45min; $35 / .5 hr

Ukelele / Guitar / Bass – Tim Mann

Inspired by the late George Harrison, Tim took up the ukulele and soon teamed up with Greg Hawkes, keyboardist for ‘The Cars’, and ukulele virtuoso. Together Greg and Tim formed ‘The Diamond Hearts’, and joined the widely eclectic troupe, ‘Ukulele Noir’. Tim offers Ukelele lessons when he’s not on tour, for information on available visit Tim Man Music.

FEES: $50 / 1 hour; $35 / .5 hour

Piano – Steffani Bennett

Steffani began studying piano and dance at age 5 and went on to study classical voice and jazz technique until graduating from New England Conservatory in Boston. She went to New York to develop her sound in the early 90’s. Since then she has been writing and performing in NYC and up the East Coast.  She has performed on countless recordings, demos and albums, developing a reputation as a great session singer, musician, and songwriter.  Private lessons are available by appointment, to find more information visit

FEES: $40 / 40 minutes

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