Anyone who has ever been to Newport, Rhode Island knows it is a gorgeous tourist destination in the summer. What a lot of people don’t realize though, is that this city by the sea is also a wonderful place to bring your dog.Newport is packed with plenty of attractions that both you and your pup can enjoy. The best part is that you can do it all in a day.

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Take An Early Morning Romp on The Beach
While Newport itself does not allow dogs on its beaches between Memorial Day and Labor Day, there are a few spots nearby where dogs are always welcome. It’s worth stopping at one of these places on your drive down.

(Photo Credit:

Teddy’s Beach

Park Ave & Point Road
Portsmouth, RI

East Ferry Beach

Conanicus Ave
Jamestown, RI

Fort Wetherill Boat Ramp

3 Fort Wetherill Road
Jamestown, RI

Fort Getty Boat Ramp

913 Fort Getty Road
Jamestown, RI

Grab Your Morning coffee
Hey, we get it. Keeping up with the dog can be exhausting. So when you get to Newport, why not gear up for your day with a cup of coffee and a pastry.

(Photo Credit: Coffee Grinder)

The Coffee Grinder

Banister’s Wharf
33 Bowens Landing
Newport, RI
(401) 847-9307

This cozy café sits all the way at the end of Bannister’s Wharf, overlooking Newport Harbor. The Wharf’s benches or the deck’s Adirondack chairs make a great place to sit and sip your coffee.

Go For A Scenic Stroll

(Photo Credit: Jeanpaul Ferro/Wikipedia Commons)

Cliff Walk

117 Memorial Boulevard
Newport, RI

The breathtaking sights along this picturesque 3.5 mile public walkway include crashing waves along Newport’s shoreline and several of the city’s glorious mansions.

Grab Lunch
Along the wharfs, up and down Thames Street, and all the way over to Memorial Boulevard, Newport has dozens of restaurants that feature outdoor patios where you can park it with your dog. Instead of parking it though, we prefer to grab lunch to-go and head to the park for a picnic!

Take Out Options:
Since the peak of the recession, a whole ton of new take-out spots have begun popping up all along Thames Street and beyond. Two that have stood the test of time (and happen to be a couple of our favorites from our college days) are:

(Photo Credit: Pick Pockets/Facebook)

Pick Pockets

190 Thames St
Newport, RI 02840
(401) 619-1973

Panini Grill

186 Thames St
Newport, RI 02840
(401) 847-7784

(Photo Credit: Flo’s/Facebook)

A Third Classic Option:

Flo’s Clam Shack

4 Wave Avenue
Middletown, RI

This greasy spoon right on the Newport line pretty much wins every award every year when it comes to clams. The Clam Cakes and Chowder (pronounced chowdah) is a Rhode Island staple.

The Parks For Your Picnic

(Photo Credit: RI Parks Dept.)

Fort Adams State Park

Harrison Avenue
Newport, RI

This sprawling state park with free admission and parking includes a 2 mile loop that offers exceptional panoramic views of the harbor and the historic fort.

Brenton Point

Ocean Drive
Newport, RI

This serene, typically breezy, wide-open green area is a favorite. Across the street, visitors enjoy walking along the rocky shoreline, particularly at low tide. If you do choose to wander along the rocks, please use caution. The seas can grow fierce, with the powerful surf crashing over the rocks at times. On occasion, it has proven deadly.

Go For An After-Lunch Drive (windows down, of course)
The loop that goes out to Brenton Point is also known as Ten-Mile Drive. On your way back into town, head toward Belleview Avenue and enjoy the view of dozens of sprawling mansions.

Do Some Shopping
A growing number of Newport stores are inviting customers with dogs to come on in. For your best selection of doggy merchandise, try these spots.

(Photo Credit: The Black Dog/Facebook)

Black Dog General Store

33 Bannister’s Wharf
Newport, RI

The Black Dog logo has grown into a symbol of a laid back dog friendly attitude. Black Dog carries everything from clothes to dog toys to an entire Black Dog dinnerware collection.

Wag Nation

92 William Street
Newport, RI

This doggy boutique has your pampered pet covered with anything you might think up — from fun and frivolous to healthy and functional.

Go For A Cruise

(Photo Credit: Gansett Cruises/Facebook)

Gansett Cruises

142 Long Wharf
Newport, RI
(401) 787-4438

When you’re done cruising around town, go for a cruise that goes around the town. Your pooch will enjoy the sights, along with a drink and classic, appetizing New England bites.

Alternative Afternoon Activities:

Newport Dog Park – Connell Highway, Newport — An off-leash fenced-in dog park.

Newport Historical Society – 82 Touro Street, Newport
Touro Synagogue National Historic Site – 85 Touro Street, Newport

Grab Some Dinner & Dessert

(Photo Credit: Black Pearl)

The Black Pearl

Banister’s Wharf
Bowens Landing
Newport, RI
(401) 846-5264

Situated on the wharf, with a lovely harbor view, the outdoor patio at Black Pearl restaurant is a perfect place to relax and almost wrap up your long day.

Sardella’s Restaurant

30 Memorial Blvd
Newport, RI
(401) 849-6312

The view from the patio is hardly anything special, but it’s the “special” that runs every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday that should bring you here. Sardella’s does dinner for two with a bottle of wine for $28. Without the wine, the dinner for two special is $16.

Your Final Stop

Ben & Jerry’s

359 Thames Street
33 Bannister’s Wharf
Newport, RI

You spent your entire day catering to your dog, isn’t it time for a treat for yourself? We certainly think so. Ice Cream!!!

Exclusive to Weekend Travel

(Photo Credit: Newport International Polo Series)

Newport International Polo Series

Glen Farm
163 Glen Farm Road
Portsmouth RI

If you think your dog can refrain from barking at the horses, the Newport International Polo Club plays every Saturday from June through September at Glen Farm. Tailgates and leashed dogs are welcome at these popular events.

(Photo Credit: Canfield House/Facebook)

Canfield House

5 Memorial Boulevard
Newport, RI


Canfield House hosts “Dog Day Afternoons” on Sundays from noon to 4 pm. Dogs are welcome on the outdoor patio. They enjoy treats while owners enjoy a beverage and light meal.