– By Martini Severin
Nantucket born and raised jewelry designer, Hannah Blount, has created custom jewelry pieces that are perfect holiday gifts for those who prefer to share handmade works of art. Jewelry design is nothing new to Hannah as she has been making jewelry since the age of six. Her love of metals and design led her to pursue a metalsmithing concentration in college at UMass Dartmouth.

The following pieces for the 2011 Holiday Season are all hand-made and ready to wow all gift-recipients. Be sure to order your gift early, as Hannah makes each gift to order especially for the holidays.

(Photo Credit: HannahBlount.com)

Gold Vermeil Banana Necklace $106

There are no easier ways to tell someone that you are bananas over them, than to offer them Hannah’s gold vermeil banana charm necklace. The tiny banana, measuring one inch, swings smartly from an 18 inch long gold vermeil chain. If bananas are not your fruit of choice, Hannah has peach, lemon, pear and apple charms from which you can choose.

(Photo Credit: HannahBlount.com)

Sterling Silver Gummi Bear Necklace $118

Hannah’s sterling silver Gummi Bear necklace recalls childhood memories of indulging in all things candy. Undoubtedly cast from Gummi Bear candy, this 3/4-inch necklace will swing unencumbered from an 18-inch chain.

(Photo Credit: HannahBlount.com)

Small Silver Branch Earrings with Spessartite Garnet $138

Hannah’s Branch Earrings are from her Waiting collection, which she created while a student at UMass Dartmouth. These earrings are available in a variety of stones including the honey-hued Spessartite Garnet.

(Photo Credit: HannahBlount.com)

Large Vermeil Facet Hoops with Labradorite $296

It’s no accident that hoops are a favorite of most celebrities. It’s simple really; they complement all skin tones and facial features. Spend a little more on something that would go with your entire wardrobe.

Don’t forget to visit Hannahblount.com to place your holiday orders.

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