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The British are coming, the British are coming!  Well not really, but the mania the Beatles stirred up is slowly being recreated for one Boston favorite with a Brit-Rock style.  The Luxury is taking the city by force. 

This band seems to be able to mesmerize you with its soaring anthem-style lyrics full of melancholy inflections and flawless hooks that scream big venue. 

Frontman Jason Dunn is a mad man on the vocals.  He brings forth a dedication to perfection that totally comes out in

the music.  The Oasis styled tonal quality and skillful guitar precision of Daanen Krouth is truly epic.  Keys are handled by Steven Borek who brings out a Duran Duran inflection aiding to the Brit-styled sound.  Justin Day on the bass brings forth a sludgy alt grit that keeps you right at the stage. The heart beat of the group is Matt Graber who is one of the tightest and skilled drummers in the region. 

The Luxury was selected by the band Coldplay to open their 2008 show at the TD Garden and have hit the CMJ top 200 with their first record “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”.  The group was crowned the winner of the heralded WBCN Rock and Roll Rumble in 2009 along with previous winners The Dresden Dolls, Campaign For Real Time and The Sheila Dive, to name a few. They have been selected as a Top 10 Band to Watch in 2010 by The Boston Music Spotlight and dubbed “The City’s Best Rock Band”  by Ryan’s Smashing Life music blog. 

The Luxury’s current offering, “In The Wake of What Won’t Change” dropped the summer of 2009 and is being critically acclaimed while burning up college charts nationwide.  The group is playing regionally and is always creating new music. 

Don’t wait for the invasion, go find them now.

Shawn Sixx is a producer for CBS Radio Boston’s WZLX. He is also a contributing writer for AMP Magazine and Ryan’s Smashing Life.


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