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The epitome of a good time band is when you leave the show feeling better than when you went in.  There are very few bands out there nowadays that can accomplish this.  Mellow Bravo is one Boston band that still gets the job done.

Combining Blues-inspired Rock with hints of soul and 70’s arena anthem, front man Keith Pierce commands the stage with a bravado that can only be described as sexual.  His masculine vocals bring forth the essence of the Stones, Zeppelin and David Lee Roth.  These men oozed a road house Rock and Roll that made men want to dance and women want to get crazy. 

This group takes the music and makes love to you with it.  With Andrew Doherty and Jeffery Fultz on guitars bringing a strong rock and metal history, you can literally feel the vibration of the six strings.  Jess Collins on keys takes Motown rhythms and a true slither-appeal backing voice for a spin.  Seager Tennis on bass and Dave Jarvis on drums exhibit the slow and hard heart beat that keeps you firmly planted in front of the stage.  

The band has their 9 track debut album “Strut” out now, which is ironically what you think of when you here this sixsome play. The group has been hailed as a Top 10 Band for 2010 by the Boston Herald and shows no sign of letting you rest from infectious sing-alongs, stories of life’s’ excesses and guilty pleasures. 

Mellow Bravo is currently playing throughout the Boston area and is working on new material as you read this.  Go see them and give them a kiss. 

Shawn Sixx is a producer for CBS Radio Boston’s WZLX. He is also a contributing writer for AMP Magazine and Ryan’s Smashing Life.


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