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Are you love sick?  Have you spent the day hoping that special somebody would call, knowing you can be happy if they do?  Well the band Endway has the cure. 

This band has circled the hallowed halls of Boston since their inception back in 2004. They capture the soulful and heartfelt sound that can only be described as captivating.  Pulling comparisons to Maroon 5, INXS and The Police, this band creates a truly original sound that is bound for your music collection.  Every appearance they make seems to be magical. 

Singer Morgan Dorr is velvety smooth with his lyrics and really makes you believe all will be ok.  Guitarist Kevin McHugh plays with a tight passion that makes you forget this is a local band.  Keyboardist Brian Lempert skillfully hones in on the haunting sound needed for this band to pull you in like it does.  The bottom end is handled by Dennis Walsh on bass and Andrea Belfiore on drums.  They bring a calm, shuddering, dreamlike tone that will leave the venue with you. 

Endway has been on a fast track to the top of the scene both regionally as well as nationally.  They have had songs featured on 5 MTV series shows including, The Real World, Road Rules and The Hills.  They have played the stage at Tainted Blue Studio, SXSW and the epic Fenway Park. Endway has shared the stage with national acts that include All Time Low, Hoobastank, A New Found Glory, Dashboard Confessionals and many, many more.  They have even played a series of successful shows in Costa Rica! 

Currently, they have 3 albums out, “Endway” 2005, “Action” 2008 and “Running Man” 2009. This band seems like they are working all the time!  Seeing them is easy since Endway plays tons of local shows and has been on multiple national tours.  They are presently touring and supporting the “Running Man” album, while always creating new material. 

If you want to see a band that will totally surprise even the most jaded heart, seek out Endway.  

Shawn Sixx is a producer for CBS Radio Boston’s WZLX. He is also a contributing writer for AMP Magazine and Ryan’s Smashing Life.

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