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Whether you are looking to mix your own cocktails at home or get a job as a bartender, Boston has several bartending courses that can help you learn all about the art of bartending.  Courses are an investment, but the value and experience of the classes that is needed for a job makes well worth the price.  Three popular schools in Boston, and surrounding areas, each have courses and other offerings for you bartending needs.

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DrinkMaster Bartending School

98 W Boylston St
Worcester, MA

DrinkMaster is perfect for those who live outside the city and looking to learn about bartending, as in addition to the Boston location, they have 2 spots west of Boston in Framingham and Worcester.  DrinkMaster courses are in-depth, lasting for 1 week, and in turn more expensive.  For $445 you receive extensive training on a 16-part course beginning with ‘Bar Orientation’ and ending with ‘Getting a Bartending Job’.  In between you will learn the Tools of the Trade, all about Glassware, the Art of Shaking, and lessons on Shots and Layered Drinks, among others. A ServSafe Alcohol certification course is also available for just $3 additional.

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Harvard University: Harvard Bartending Course

57 Mount Auburn St
Cambridge, MA

Harvard offers 6 different courses to fit your needs and budget. The basic Art of Mixology class is just $150 for 4 hours and is for those not seeking a certification. Certification classes are available in TIPS (Training in Intervention Procedures by Servers of alcohol), a national certification course that teaches the legal issues of the bartending job.  If you are looking for both, they offer a discounted package for these two courses for just $245.  Pick up two handy books while you are there too: Bartender’s Black Book and Bartending 101 to continue to studies outside the “classroom”.

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New England Bartending School

142 Berkeley St
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 247-1666

New England Bartending School is, as the name suggests, located with offices throughout New England. Upon registration and before starting the course(s), students are offered the use of a web-based tutorial to prep for classes. This is a unique option for New England Bartending School.

Did we miss any Bartending School’s in the Boston area? Tell us of any others in the comments.

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