Wednesday's Child: 12-Year-Old EzraEzra is usually laid back and quiet until you get her talking about her favorite topics: Monster High and the robotics club.
Wednesday's Child: Brothers Anthony & BrycenAnthony, 12, is active, social and loves to play soccer. His little brother Brycen, 5, loves to try new things.
Wednesday's Child: 14-Year-Old JoelJoel likes helping to care for animals and he is described as polite and helpful.
Wednesday's Child: 13-Year-Old MattyMatty is very chatty and charming, and if someone appears sad or angry, he will give them a hug and ask if they would like to talk.
Wednesday's Child: 8-Year-Old KalayshaKalaysha likes to sing and dance. She is kind, endearing and has a good sense of humor.
Wednesday's Child: 5-Year-Old MichaelMichael is always laughing. Dan Roche took him to play at Legoland, where Michael showed off his special talent – singing the alphabet backwards!
Wednesday's Child: 12-Year-Old KenyaKenya describes herself as fun, outgoing and caring. Kenya loves style and fashion, and she would like to work in the fashion industry when she grows up.
Wednesday's Child: 13-Year-Old KelvinKelvin is outgoing and does very well in school. He is eager to find his forever family.
Wednesday's Child: 14-Year-Old DevinDevin loves the outdoors, likes to cook, and wants to be a police officer. Liam Martin took him fishing with a special guest, to get to know him better.
'You Helped Me Find A Family': Jack Williams Reunites With 1992 Wednesday's ChildLuis was featured on Wednesday's Child in 1992 and found his forever home. He's since started a family of his own.
Wednesday's Child: 10-Year-Old EziahEziah is an intelligent, funny and energetic boy who loves to laugh and makes friends easily.
Former Foster Child Credits Wednesday's Child For Finding Him A FamilyJack Williams reunites with Devin, who was adopted in 2013 after appearing on Wednesday's Child for a second time.
Wednesday's Child: 13-Year-Old SarahSarah enjoys physical activities, such as riding her bike, swinging, bouncing on a sensory ball and swimming.
Jack Williams Reunites With One Of The First Wednesday's ChildrenAs we celebrate 70 years of broadcast history at WBZ-TV, we take a look at Wednesday’s Child, a Channel 4 legacy that's been changing lives for nearly 40 years.
Wednesday's Child: 10-Year-Old IsaiahWhen asked to describe himself, Isaiah says that he is funny, fun-loving and curious. Isaiah loves to draw and paint, and hopes to become an artist when he grows up.