Lake Winnipesaukee Crash Leaves Powerboat Stuck On RocksAn accident on Lake Winnipesaukee over the weekend left a powerboat high and dry.
Escaped Python On The Loose In NewtonIt slithered away from a backyard in Newton Corner.
Study: People Who Post Selfies Are Seen As Less Likeable, InsecurePeople who post more selfies than posies to their social media accounts tend to be viewed more negatively by others, a new study revealed.
'Crazy Cat Ladies' Are Not A Thing, Study FindsIt's the news cat owners have been waiting for: Owning lots of cats does not, in fact, mean you're mad, sad or anxious.
Barnstable Woman Finds Snake In Her Bathroom SinkIt's believed that the escaped snake made its way into the plumbing.
Portland Police Debunk Seltzer Saying 'Ain't No Laws When You're Drinking Claws'Police in Portland, Maine have a hard truth to share about a popular hard seltzer.
768 Million Vacation Days Went Unused In U.S. Last YearWorkers in the United States left a record number of vacation days on the table last year, equating to billions in lost benefits.
Bald Eagles, Peregrine Falcons Recovering In Mass.; Bumble Bees In DangerThings are looking brighter for the bald eagle and peregrine falcon in Massachusetts, but a certain well-known bee is poised to officially become endangered.
Vaccine For Cat Allergies Developed By Swiss ScientistsIf you love cats but are allergic to them, a team of scientists in Switzerland could have the purrfect solution for you.
Officer Gives Perfect Response To 'We Got High Together Girl' Wrong Number TextA hilarious exchange between an unknown person and a Missouri cop about getting high went viral Friday after the conversation was posted online.
Miniature Horses Cleared For Take Off As Service AnimalsMiniature horses are now among the service animals approved to take on flights, according to new guidelines provided by the federal government.
Report: Facebook Paid Contractors To Transcribe User Audio On MessengerFacebook has been paying hundreds of outside contractors to transcribe select voice conversations from users of its services, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday, citing people with knowledge of the work.
Report: Man Accused Of Attacking Woman He Called 'Grandma' With Frying PanA Michigan woman is said to be "very lucky" to have survived after being beaten by a man who called her "grandma" with a cast iron frying pan.
Missing Dentures Found Stuck In Man's Throat 8 Days After Routine SurgeryA 72-year-old man endured a harrowing eight days after his false teeth got stuck in his throat during surgery.
NH Man Stabs Neighbor Amid Ongoing Dispute Over Barking DogA barking dog sparked a violent dispute in Manchester, N.H.