Coffee Lovers Get Ready. Dunkin' Foam Cups Soon To Be ExtinctWe warned you it was coming. Dunkin’s traditional foam cups will be a thing of the past, very soon.
Wanted: 10,000 Dogs For Largest-Ever Study On Improving Canine Life ExpectancyResearchers are hoping to study a group of 10,000 dogs over the course of 10 years to see whether they can improve the life expectancy of canines and their overall quality of life.
Star Ejected By Black Hole Speeding Across Milky Way At 3.7 Million MPHA runaway star traveling across our galaxy at an astonishing 3.7 million miles per hour is on track to be ejected from the Milky Way.
Twinkies Are Being Turned Into Breakfast CerealPost is partnering with Hostess to turn the 90-year-old treat into a cereal that will be available nationwide in late December.
Meet Narwhal The Magical Unicorn PuppyThere's a 10-week-old puppy in Missouri with a tail growing out of his forehead.
Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters To Headline 2020 Boston Calling Music FestivalBoston Calling announced on Wednesday that Red Hot Chili Peppers and Food Fighters will headline the festival, which is held at the Harvard athletic complex.
Falmouth Man Searching For Owner Of Marine Corps RingA Falmouth man discovered a World War II era ring and is now searching to try and find the owner.
Ben & Jerry's Sued For Saying Ice Cream Comes From 'Happy Cows'The Vermont-based company is accused of deceiving consumers.
43-Year-Old Twinkie Still Intact At Maine SchoolIt was part of a 1976 experiment about food preservatives.
Brain Scans Show Girls And Boys Equal At MathSeveral studies have already debunked the myth that boys are innately better at math than girls, but those were largely based on analysis of test scores.
People Just Received Text Messages Originally Sent On Valentine's DayText messages received overnight on Wednesday caused confusion, misunderstandings and even alarm for some recipients.
Escalating Millennial Health Problems Could Spell Trouble For U.S. Economy, Study FindsThe health of millennials is deteriorating more rapidly than the generation before them and that could have a crippling effect on the economy, according to a report published Wednesday.
Toy Hall of Fame 2019 Inductees Include Matchbox Cars, Coloring Book, Magic: The GatheringMatchbox Cars, the coloring book and the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering were inducted Thursday into the National Toy Hall of Fame, recognized for an enduring appeal that keeps them on store shelves today.
Woman Drives Into Open Landscaping Trailer In Northampton, Blames Foggy WindshieldNo one was hurt in the unusual collision.
Veterans In Connecticut Prison Getting Help From HorsesA group of Connecticut prisoners is learning to cope with issues such as post-traumatic stress by interacting with horses.