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Simple Way To Avoid Holiday Weight GainA new study finds that there may be a simple way to avoid packing on the pounds that doesn't involve more exercise.
Scientists: Blinking May Be Form Of CommunicationScientists now believe that blinking is not only important for our health but may also be a form of communication, much like nodding your head.
Teen Vaping Rises Dramatically; Drinking, Opioid Use DeclinesVaping among America's teenagers continues to climb, while the use of other substances -- such as alcohol and opioids -- has declined in recent years.
Report: Johnson & Johnson Hid Findings Of Asbestos In Baby Powder For DecadesJohnson &; Johnson has for decades known its raw talc and finished powders at times tested positive for small quantities of asbestos.
Heart Attack Risk Peaks On Christmas Eve, Study FindsChristmas is the happiest time of the year for many people, but for some it could be the most dangerous.
Stethoscopes Covered With Potentially Dangerous Bacteria, Study FindsResearchers have discovered a nasty truth about stethoscopes - that they are covered with potentially dangerous bacteria.
Your Eyes May Be the Window Into Your StressResearchers have identified an objective way to measure just how stressed you are and it's all about the eyes.
Parents Focus More on the Mechanics of Their Kids' Devices, Not ContentParents spend more time talking with their kids about the mechanics of using their devices than what they are actually watching.
Crosswords And Puzzles Do Not Prevent Mental Decline, Study SaysTackling a tricky crossword or a challenging Sudoku puzzle will not fend off age-related mental decline, new research has shown.
Breast Cancer Gene Also Linked To Prostate And Pancreatic CancersA Massachusetts woman is sharing her story because she wants people to learn about their family’s cancer history and to dispel the myth that men don’t have to worry about these genes.