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FDA Finds Low Levels Of Cancer-Linked Impurity In Common Heartburn DrugsSome ranitidine -- acid-reducing and heartburn medicines, including those known by the brand name Zantac -- contain low levels of an impurity that could cause cancer.
Study: Pregnant Women's Sleep Positions Don't Matter During First 2 TrimestersA new study from the University of Utah suggests sleep position probably doesn't matter.
Mushrooms May Help Protect Against Prostate CancerA new study finds that the fungi may help prevent prostate cancer in men.
Sit, Stand, Sit: The New Science About How To Best Use Your Standing DeskTufts conducted a review of sit-stand desk research.
Vaping Concerns: Trump Says Administration Will Propose Banning E-Cigarette FlavorsLocal health officials are mandating that any cases of vaping-related breathing illnesses be reported to the state.
Use Of E-Cigarettes May Increase Flu RiskAs the cases of vaping-related lung disease continue to rise, experts are warning of yet another potential risk as winter approaches.
Women Who Use IUDs May Be At Lower Risk For Ovarian Cancer, Study FindsAnew study from the UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital finds that women who use IUDs may be at lower risk for ovarian cancer.
Napping Once Or Twice A Week Could Lower Heart Attack & Stroke Risk, Study FindsSome good news for nap fanatics -- a new study has found that a daytime nap taken once or twice a week could lower the risk of heart attacks or strokes.
Non-Dating Teens May Be Less Depressed Than Dating TeensA new study from the University of Georgia finds that teens who don't date tend to be less depressed.
Number Of Pregnant Women With High Blood Pressure Is RisingThe number of pregnant women with high blood pressure has spiked over the past four decades, according to a study.