Rep. Seth Moulton Among Jon Keller's Local Turkeys Of The YearIt's that time of year, a season for giving thanks for all our blessings...and for carving up some turkeys.
Keller @ Large: Bill Banning Protests At Politicians' Homes Tests Issues Of Free SpeechAs long as going too far is celebrated by popular culture, promoted online and shrugged off by politicians, no law will stop the insanity.
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Keller @ Large: Deep-Seated Problems Await New Boston Mayor Michelle WuMichelle Wu has two weeks to surround herself with savvy insiders who can help her handle the intense pressure and make it clear to potential critics/challengers she is there to stay.
Keller @ Large: Voter Apathy Can't Be Ignored In Historic Boston Mayoral ElectionThe buzz within local political circles heading into Election Day has not been about the race itself, but expected low voter turnout.
Former Mass. GOP Chair: Diehl Defeating Baker In Potential Primary Would Be 'End Of The Republican Party In Massachusetts'Jennifer Nassour, the former Mass GOP chair, said it would be the “end of the Republican party in Massachusetts” if Geoff Diehl defeats Gov. Charlie Baker.
Keller @ Large: Between Boston's Mayoral Candidates, There's Little DifferenceWe're about to find out if Boston voters have been truly energized by a race where both candidates wound up sounding pretty much alike.
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