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Acne May Be Fueled By Dairy And Sugar, Study FindsA new study finds acne could be fueled by diet and other environmental factors.
Study Shows Your Walking Speed At 45 May Predict Brain AgeA new study finds how fast you walk at age 45 could predict how your brain and body are aging.
Massachusetts Man Who Helped With Baby Raccoons May Need Rabies TreatmentNew Hampshire health officials are requesting the public's help in finding a man from Massachusetts to assess his risk for rabies after he came into contact with baby raccoons.
Moms Judge Each Other Harshly, Study FindsWhile moms are often their own toughest critics, new research from Iowa State finds moms judge other moms just as harshly.
Study: College Students Can Improve Depression Symptoms By Eating HealthyMany college students experience symptoms of depression, but a new Australian study found that simply changing what they eat could make a difference.
Third Human Case Of West Nile Virus Reported In Mass.The third human case of West Nile Virus has been announced by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.
Concussion PSA Compares Youth Football Dangers To SmokingThe PSA aims to educate parents about the dangers of tackle football for kids.
Boston Resident Diagnosed With Measles; Possible Exposure Locations IdentifiedA Boston resident has the city’s first confirmed case of the measles since 2013.
Most Americans Don't Consider Health Effects Of Poor PostureIt is estimated that the average adult spends more than three and half hours a day looking down at their smartphone.
Craving Junk Food After Poor Sleep? Blame Your NoseWhen we are sleep deprived we find it harder to resist calorie-dense, high-fat foods like pizza and chocolate. Now researchers may know why.