Hudson Elementary School Fighting Flu OutbreakMulready Elementary School has had dozens of absences in the past few days with all signs pointing to the flu.
MGH Researchers Behind 'CoolSculpting' Invent New Way To Get Rid Of FatLocal researchers have an invented a new way to dissolve unwanted fat without the hassle of other treatments currently available.
Researchers Find Salt Could Be Used To Treat CancerThere may be a new weapon to attack cancer cells with less harm to the patient, and it you can probably find it right on your kitchen table. It’s salt, which is also called sodium chloride.
What Is Alopecia? Dr. Mallika Marshall Explains The Hair Loss ConditionRep. Ayanna Pressley revealed Thursday that she's been battling alopecia.
Maine Had Record Number Of Lyme Disease Cases In 2019Maine reported a record number of Lyme disease cases last year, and the number could rise.
It's OK To Eat Romaine Lettuce AgainCaesar salad lovers rejoice -- your crispy romaine lettuce leaves are OK to eat now.
FDA Drug Approval Laws Getting Less Stringent, Study ShowsAccording to a new study, changes in federal laws mean drugs are getting less rigorous review by the FDA before they get approved.
Study Finds Women Who Suffer Miscarriage May Have Long-Term Psychological StressA new study finds that many women suffer long-term psychological distress after a miscarriage.
Charlestown Cancer Survivor Hopes Story Inspires Others To Get ScreenedJanuary is cervical cancer awareness month and Kate Weissman of Charlestown is hoping her story will inspire women to get potentially life-saving screening tests.
5 Healthy Habits In Middle Age Could Help You Live 10 Years Longer, Harvard Study FindsHealthy habits such as exercising for at least 30 minutes a day or drinking in moderation can help you stave off diseases for an extra decade, according to new research.
Flu Vaccine 'Not A Very Good Match' For Strain That's Tough On ChildrenStill, a flu shot can save your child's life.