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Do You Know What's In Your Sunscreen? FDA Proposes New RegulationsThe proposed rules would require many ingredients and forms of sunscreen - like wipes and pills - to have additional testing before they can continue marketing themselves as effective protection.
FDA May Step In If States Don't Tighten Vaccine LawsRoutine childhood vaccines are required to stay in school, but more and more parents are opting out for what they call personal or religious reasons.
Go Ahead, Exercise At Night, Researchers SayAustralian researchers say you may want to consider a 30-minute intense evening workout instead because working out before bed does not disrupt sleep and may even suppress appetite.
Older Women Who Sit Around At Higher Risk Of Heart Disease, Study SaysResearchers have found that older women who sit or lay down for long periods during the day are at greater risk of heart disease.
Simple Strategies On How To Break Bad HabitsBehavioral science experts say putting in incentives and obstacles can help us stay on track.
FDA Warns Against Using Young Blood As Medical TreatmentA growing number of clinics are offering plasma from young donors and similar therapies.
Middle-Age Men Who Can Do 40+ Push-Ups Have Lower Heart Disease Risk, Study FindsA new study finds that active middle aged men who can do more than 40 push-ups at a time have a significantly lower risk of heart disease.
Cooking, Cleaning Could Raise Air Pollution Levels In Homes, Study SaysResearchers say cooking, cleaning, and other household activities generate levels of pollution in the average home similar to that of a polluted major city.
Screen Time For Kids Under 2 More Than Doubles Since 1997, Study FindsScreen time has more than doubled for children under 2 years old since 1997, a study published Monday finds.
Common Weed Killer Glyphosate Increases Cancer Risk By 41%, Study SaysThe potential carcinogenic properties of glyphosate are the subject of widespread scientific debate.