Latest Health News

Having A Dog Is Good For Your Heart, Study FindsDog's aren't just our best friends, they're also good for our health, new research suggests.
Researchers Say That Acupressure May Relieve Chronic Back PainMichigan researchers have found that acupressure may reduce pain in patients with chronic back problems.
Want To Avoid An Early Death? Get Moving, Study SaysThe risk of death for participants was approximately five times higher for those who were inactive compared to those who were the most active.
Women Have Same Hallmark Heart Attack Symptoms As Men, Study FindsFor years, experts have said women have different heart attack symptoms than men. A new study finds that's not true.
Researchers Link Painkillers After Wisdom Teeth Removal To Opioid CrisisResearchers say thousands of kids a year could become chronic opioid users after something as simple as having their wisdom teeth removed.
Having Kids Makes You Happier, Once They Move Out, Study SaysResearchers found that parents tend to be happier than non-parents in old age, but only if their kids have moved out.
New Robot Gives Surgeons 3D View, Increased PrecisionNew robots being used at UMass Memorial Medical Center help doctors perform more precise surgeries with less recovery time.
New Study Raises Questions About How Fluoride Affects Children's DevelopmentA study found that increased levels of fluoride exposure during pregnancy were associated with declines in IQ in children.
Vaccine For Cat Allergies Developed By Swiss ScientistsIf you love cats but are allergic to them, a team of scientists in Switzerland could have the purrfect solution for you.
Summit Helps Teens Handle Breakups In Healthier WayThe Boston Public Health Commission wants to help you break up. Or at least guide kids on how to handle teen breakups in a healthier way.