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Celebration Of Science: Spaulding Rehab Hospital Launches New Research InitiativeSpaulding Rehab Hospital is launching a new research initiative and as a way of introducing people to the amazing work of the hospital's researchers and doctors, they opened the doors for a "Celebration of Science."
John Hancock Wants To Turn Life Insurance Into A Wellness GameThe financial services company said Wednesday that it will attach a free version of its wellness program, Vitality, to all life insurance policies.
Low-Carb Dieters Might Benefit From More Vegetables, NutsMany people turn to low-carb diets to shed pounds but recent data suggests eliminating carbs from your diet could pose long-term health risks.
Eating Fish During Pregnancy May Improve Baby's EyesightPregnant women may be able to optimize their baby’s eyesight and brain function by regularly eating fatty fish during pregnancy.
Study: Most Yogurts On Store Shelves Packed With SugarYogurt is often regarded as a healthy snack but a new study finds that most yogurts on store shelves are chock-full of sugar. In fact, some contain as much sugar as soda.
E-Cigarette Warnings Coming To High School Bathrooms NationwideFor the first time, the FDA will take the message that vaping is dangerous into high school bathrooms and social media feeds.
Scientists Testing New Light-Based Wearable Device To Regrow HairMillions of Americans experience hair loss and some turn to pills, injections, and transplant surgeries with varying results, but now scientists are testing a new light-based, wearable device to regrow hair.
Should Healthy Seniors Take Aspirin Daily? New Study Raises QuestionsThree reports in the New England Journal of Medicine found that among healthy senior citizens, the death rate for those taking daily aspirin was higher than for those who did not.
Doctors Renew Warning About Baby Walkers; Thousands Still Injured Each YearWhile some parents may think infant walkers are a way to give young children more independence, pediatricians are warning the public that they are a safety hazard.
Almost 1 in 11 Students Has Vaped MarijuanaE-cigarettes have been the most popular tobacco product among both middle and high school students since 2014 - and this is what many are vaping.