By Staff

BOSTON (CBS) — Most NFL teams used some sort of highly produced video or even animation to announce their 2022 schedule on Thursday night. But not the Patriots. They had something much, much better: Ernie Adams.

The former man behind the scenes in New England announced the 2022 schedule in the most simple way possible. With some relaxing piano music playing, Adams stepped in front of a white board that had all 17 games written on it and went through each week of the season.

As a little icing on the cake, “Pink Stripes” was right there on the board. The video was, needless to say, perfect Ernie Adams.

Here is some of the analysis that the former Patriots football research director shared with fans.

Week 1 at Miami Dolphins: “Right away, you know it’s going to be hot.”

Week 3 vs. Baltimore Ravens: “This is going to be sixty minutes of hard football.”

Week 4 at Green Bay Packers: “It’s in October so even in Green Bay it probably won’t be a frozen tundra. You just feel the tradition when you walk into Lambeau Field.”

Week 6 at Cleveland Browns: “Football Sunday in Cleveland is always an exciting time. Everybody is always out in brown and orange and I’m sure they’ll be ready to go.”

Week 8 at New York Jets: “Another big game. Division game on the road, those are always the critical ones. At the Jets; we’ve had a spirited rivalry against the Jets over the years.”

Week 10 Bye Week: “As far as I’m concerned this is about perfect placement of the bye, before you come back Week 11 with another division game against the Jets.”

Thanksgiving Night at Minnesota Vikings: “All that special flavor from Thanksgiving night, you’ve got America watching all filled with turkey.’

Week 15 at Las Vegas Raiders: “A little different experience going to Las Vegas. I’ve never done that for a football game, but I know Josh McDaniels will have his team ready to go.”

Week 17 vs. Miami Dolphins: “I know those Dolphins players, they always enjoy playing a great football game on a nice cold day. Perfect Dolphins weather.”

Week 18 at Buffalo Bills: “Most importantly, another division game on the road. Those are always top priority.”

All of this came with Adams grinning ear to ear. The man just loves football.

“Looks like we’ve got 17 great football games here,” he said in closing.

Adams retired last May after he spent 21 seasons as Bill Belichick’s right-hand man in New England. It’s great to see that even in retirement, he’s still involved in Patriots football. Staff